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SSESSMENT TASK 3: ORAL PRESENTATION (NARRATED POWERPOINT) Aligned subject learning outcomes • Appraise and interpret communication theories • Demonstrate a wide use of digital platforms useful as...

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Aligned subject learning outcomes

• Appraise and interpret communication theories 

• Demonstrate a wide use of digital platforms

useful as part of the suite of 
communication methods available for communication. 

• Incorporate principles of persuasive communication

in the healthcare workplace. 

• Reflect upon and articulate strategies for enhanced

communication in a culturally diverse

healthcare workplace. 

Group or individual




Due date

1800 hrs AEST; Friday, 7 th August 2020


Oral presentation – maximum 8 minutes

Presentations exceeding this will be

penalised by a 10% deduction of the marks available.

Reference list excluded from this.

Short written paper - 500 words

Word counts 10% above the required word limit will be

penalised by 10% deduction of the marks available.

The word count must be accurately stated at the end of the

written piece. Every printed element between spaces

is to be counted including quotations and in-text references

(but not including reference list or appendices).


The purpose of this assessment is to give you the opportunity to apply persuasive communication techniques to create change in your own workplace. Every workplace has problems or issues, from poor rostering, to inadequate planning for staff education, to inadequate equipment for clinical procedures, to inadequate staff- to-patient ratios and many more problems. Your task for this assessment is to clarify an issue or problem in your workplace and present a strategy to create change, thereby creating better outcomes for the patients, staff and organisation.

For this assessment task, you are required to

· select an issue or problem relevant to your workplace or your role, 

· devise a strategy to address the issue or problem and create change in your workplace, and 

· draw upon the persuasive communication techniques and theories we have covered in this subject to 
present your strategy for creating change so as to convince the target audience to implement this strategy in the workplace. 
There are two parts to this assessment task, and both must be completed.

(I work in aged care facility where we are still using paper based medication management system, please select this as issue, put argument why its problem in work place with evidence, then put strategy as change in place would be electronic medication management, how would I persuade my audience about it)

PART 1: Using Microsoft PowerPoint, produce a narrated PowerPoint presentation demonstrating your use of persuasive language and techniques to present the workplace issue/problem and your strategy to create change in the workplace. The target audience for this presentation are the decision makers in your workplace that can support you and the implementation of your strategy for creating change. 
Students are responsible for checking that their narration has been correctly recorded prior to uploading the presentation. Submissions that do not include working narration will be marked as submitted. Please do not upload PDF versions, as the recording will not work. The format of this submission must be Microsoft PowerPoint. For instructions on preparing a narrated PowerPoint, consider viewing this instructional video. You are expected to include contemporary literature to support your presentation and you must cite all sources you use in the preparation of this presentation, including images, data and content, using accurate 

APA 7th edition referencing style and format. A reference list should be on the last page/s of the PowerPoint slides, but you should cite any references in your narration as you speak.

PART 2: Submit a short-written piece (not to exceed 500 words) that outlines any practical and communication considerations you noted in order to prepare your presentation.

These considerations should include:

• the audience profile (cultural diversity or workplace culture considerations, membership, rank or position), 

• physical preparations (room, equipment, self), and 

• any anticipated barriers or obstacles to your proposal from the audience and how you would address 
identified barriers or obstacles if they arose. 
You are expected to utilise credible literature to support your ideas. This short written paper does not need to be in academic essay format so it does not require an introduction or conclusion. You may use first person. Correct APA (7th ed.) should be used throughout. 
For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation Guidelines. 



Persuasive language and techniques -------------( Demonstrates advanced spoken persuasive communication skills, with evidence of: Sophisticated understanding and use of persuasive language and techniques. Speaks with commanding authority, conveying confidence and competence. Articulate prose. Engaging, speaking voice and manner )------Weight 15%

Development of persuasive argument XXXXXXXXXXpresents a sophisticated, effective argument that flows logically. Includes a clear problem statement and solution that is addressed through a masterful understanding of topic. )-Weight 30%

Use of evidence XXXXXXXXXXJudiciously integrates a wide range of relevant, current and reliable literature from scholarly sources to support presentation. APA 7th edition referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list have always been applied accurately and consistently. )------Weight 10%

Slide creation and mechanics XXXXXXXXXXPresents highly polished and visually appealing slides. Excellent, logical structure and sequence of ideas that is clear and easy to follow. Text is easy to read, graphics enhance understanding of ideas. No spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors)-------------------Weight 5%

Short written piece [40%]

Discussion of considerations of preparation of proposal XXXXXXXXXXA sophisticated discussion of all necessary considerations demonstrating thoughtful and insightful planning and preparation was undertaken. )-----------Weight 25%

Use of evidence weight 10%---------( An extensive range of relevant literature from scholarly sources has been used to support the discussion. APA 7th edition referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list have always been applied accurately and consistently. )

Format and presentation : Demonstrates advanced written communication skills, with evidence of: Sophisticated language, including use of accurate terminology. Highly effective sequencing and structure of paragraphs. Very well constructed sentences and correct punctuation and spelling.

Weight 5%

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Paulami answered on Aug 07 2021
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I have to face too many problems that are associated with paper-based medication management. I work in aged care facility so and we are still using paper-based documents instead of electronic medication management. I need to run to the back and scramble through the paper for many years to search for one particular document and hope of finding the right one. The traditional method has been abandoned by many organizations and there has been a transition to electronic records from paper, but we are still stuck with this out-dated method of electronic medication management. It will not only save money and time but also provide security of sensitive and confidential records. If I am handling the information of the patient, then I will have access to assuring confidential files that are very secure. Many people are there who are not capable of understanding the handwritten documents, so they keep on asking twice or thrice which consumes a lot of time for many of us. Electronic medication management not only provides benefits to our practice, but it is also beneficial for the patients. The e
ors can be avoided which come by handwritten records, more proper treatment and diagnosis are provided for ensuring the safety of the patient. The payments can also be made easily, access prescription, and schedule appointments online, providing much control over healthcare. There are unlimited advantages of using electronic medication management; however, it is a tough job to implement it. The main ba
ier which calls for transition is preparation, training, and cost of implementation as well as the scarcity of user-friendly interface. It is...

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