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Speech "The danger of stress" 750 words ,by using rule of 3

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Speech "The danger of stress" 750 words ,by using rule of 3
Answered Same Day Jun 12, 2021


Tanaya answered on Jun 12 2021
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Running Head: DANGER OF STRESS        1
Stress is an emotional and physical tension which can be raised due to various event. It can cause an individual angry, nervous or frustrated. Stress can also raise an individual's ability to challenge or demand. Stress is an emotional condition that is found to impact the thoughts, feelings, body and behaviour. It is very important to identify the symptoms of stress so that it can be effectively managed (Haber, 2016).
In case it remains unchecked, stress can lead to many health conditions which include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Further, according to medical professionals, there are certain physical dangers of stress that include strain on lungs and heavy
eathing. As during stress, the body releases certain hormones that result in the body reacting to them negatively. In any scenario, every individual is prone to be consumed by stress.
If an individual is living a life without wo
ies, even in that condition, the chances are that the stress will occur creating difficulty in organizing thoughts as well as wo
ies even though the individual knows that those thoughts will not be productive. The concept of Rule of Three arises from the principle of trio events or characters that can create satisfaction can be humorous or effective compared to the other numbers.
The terms, Rule of Three has been designated as it is expected that anything which comes in threes, they are automatically satisfying and effective than any...

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