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South Africa's Blooming WIne Industry

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South Africa's Blooming WIne Industry
Answered Same Day Feb 20, 2020


Ckreta answered on Feb 21 2020
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South Africa's Blooming Wine Industry
1. How to process the project    2
2. Challenges    3
3. Solutions    4
4. Final report    5
1. How to process the project
Over the past 20 years South Africa (SA) is among the countries that produce classy wine for the different customers. Although the land or property under grapevine in the global market is constantly at the decreasing phase but it is increasing in African region (Global wine production falls in 2016, 2017). In order to assess the blooming wine industry of the South Africa report has been prepared. The report will also focuses on assessing the certain challenges associated with the wine industry in the region that mainly include production parameters affecting the wine industry, environmental risks in winegrowing, soil erosion etc. Along with this, the report will also consider the solutions for overcoming assessed challenges related with wine industry.
For undertaking the project it has been assessed that researcher will focuses on proper process related with reviewing the secondary sources such as journal articles, books, and online articles etc. with the help of studying the article and other source they would easily gain information regarding the increasing area and share of SA wine industry in the global market (Sheridan and, 2016). It has been considered that online source mainly contains the rich data and information that would support in the conducting the project. Along with this, cu
ent environment of wine industry has also been assessed in the region with the help of reviewing the governmental data and survey conducted by different agencies within the region.
2. Challenges
With the help of reviewing the wine industry of South Africa it has been assessed that there are certain challenges that is the faced by region of SA in producing the wine. The
· Environmental impact of wine production- Agriculture has a huge effect on the atmosphere; as it effectively contributes in the climate change along with increasing global warming (The wine industry’s environmental challenges, and how to solve them, 2017). With the help of using different fertilizers, insecticides, soil, land, water, and energy it’s accountable for almost 20% of emitting greenhouse gas. Therefore, changing environment that is global warming has resulted in acting as major challenge in the wine industry that decreases the growth rate of grapevine in the farm. Along with this, wine production in the SA has no exception with the procedure of rising grapes and converting them into the classy and different flavour wine that benefit the customers as well as the SA wine industry.
· Changes in vineyard practices- Vineyard is defined as the plantation of grape-bearing vines that is mainly used in manufacturing the wine. The vineyard also emphasis on nurturing raisins as well as table grapes that would be used in producing the wine. The change in vineyard practices is mainly considered as challenge for the SA wine industry that support in enhancing the vineyard efficiency (Cilliers and Van Wyk, 2017). With the help of increasing aspect of fertile and managing the vigorous growth of the vine’s it results in innovation in palissage, pruning and thinning method that benefit in maximizing yield of desired quality.
· Challenges related with risk mitigation practices- Another challenge associated within the wine industry include adopting risk mitigation practices that would support the wine manufacturer in preventing from the soil erosion. The increasing risk mitigation in producing the wine act as the major challenge in the wine industry as it impact the overall operation related with manufacturing the wine.
· Water scarcity- Another challenge associated within the SA wine industry is related with increasing water scarcity in the different region that produces wine and cultivates the vineyard. Water scarcity is considered as one the major challenge within the wine industry that impacts the growth and cultivation of grapes within the farm (Anderson, Nelgen and Pinilla, 2018). Along with this, the water scarcity in Kanonkop, SA has diminishes the production level of wine industry as water is necessary for fruit growing and wine making. However, wine factories mainly consume large volume of water in manufacturing the wine and other alcoholic beverages. In the present scenario, water scarcity is one of the major challenges that are going to affect the Cape Wine industry.
3. Solutions
With the help of reviewing the above challenges it has been assessed that there are various solution the need to be implemented within the region so that it may results in developing and growing the wine industry. With the help of reviewing the global trends it has been evaluated that wine production has been dropped and it impact the global industry in manufacturing the wine and alcoholic beverages (Walton and Pringle, 2017). The key challenge that impact the wine industry includes scarcity of water; for overcoming this challenge it has been stated that cultivators must engage in harvesting the waste water as well as rain water within the dam or pond...

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