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Socio-Ecomomic Impact of Gambling on Livelihood of Australian International Students Student Name: Niraj Gurung Student ID : EMV21799 Subject Code: HI6008 (S4) Business Research Lecturer: Seyi Lagoke...

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Socio-Ecomomic Impact of Gambling on Livelihood of Australian International Students
Student Name: Niraj Gurung
Student ID : EMV21799
Subject Code: HI6008 (S4) Business Research
Lecturer: Seyi Lagoke
Table of Contents
    Introduction …………………………………………3
Project Objective…………………………………….3
Project Scope ………………………………………..3
Literature Review ……………………………………3-6
Conclusion …………………………………………...7
References ……………………………………………7-8
The last twenty years Australia have seen a lot of progress in the gambling industry. The impact can be observed on both the social and the economic factors of the country. The given research proposal aims to develop an understanding on Socio Economic impact of Gambling on livelihood of Australian International Students. A slow advancement of the once tight controls on the business has prompted expanded accessibility, investment and consumption, and the exponential development of the business itself. This development has been especially solid in locales where gambling and vast u
an club have been generally presented, for instance, Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa For this resesrch paper will include the project objective, the project scope and a literature review to explain what researchers have to say about the topic.
Project Objectives
The objective of the project is to identify the impact of the gambling on the livelihood of the students living in Australia. It has been identified that many students are either ways being a part of the industry and it is impacting the life through many factors. The project will acknowledge two major factors those are social and economic to develop a better understanding related to the issue. (Ha, N. et al 2015).
Project Scope
The project will explain the indirect and direct impact that gambling has on the students of Australia. The gambling industry is quite new in Australia so not many researches and studies are conducted o its impact. As Australia is a country that has a large population that is below the age of eighteen it is important that the impact of the industry should be analysed and this will be scope of the proposed study given here.
Literature Review
A literature review is a compilation of various ideas and suggestions that a peer reviewed author or authors have published through their journal articles. To understand the topic better the ideas of various authors will be compiled here and develop the literature review that will help in knowing the industry and its impact on students better. To start with the topic, it is important to know about the background of the industry in the region. So, for that the findings of Lee and Byun, XXXXXXXXXXis presented who says that gambling in Australia is relatively a new concept as compared to many other countries across the world. They add that the industry has started rooting in early 90s and since then it is growing vigorously. The gambling is just what happens in a casino which many people think. Gambling is done in many forms like lotteries, pool betting, casinos, and gaming bets (Lee and Byun, 2014).
In Australia the Commonwealth Government takes the industry with a lot responsibility., XXXXXXXXXXexplain on the government website that according to them the gambling in Australia is a major issue as it is growing as a social problem for some people. The inclusion of innovation and technology has changed the Australian Gambling industry majorly. As per the reports it is taken as one of the fastest growing industry in which Online gambling holds the highest position segmenting approximately 15% of the total revenue generated that is $1.4 billion. The digital technology has also enabled the illegal operators to reach the person through various means of communications (, 2018).
o and King, XXXXXXXXXXsay that the reports presented by one of the university councils say that approximately 9.1% of the students of their university is involved in heavy gambling. About 3% is taking medical help to come out of the worst of the gambling. The author says that the initial start at gambling is done to have some fun and spend time with friends. When it turns into an addiction and socially and economically starts impacting the students they themselves does not realise (Delfa
o and King, XXXXXXXXXXGathering the views of various authors, it was clear that though the industry is still new in Australia but its impacts are taking the toll and making the society and government concern about it.
Focusing on the social impacts of the gambling various authors have taken it as a beneficial process and as well as a negative process. Gainsbury, XXXXXXXXXXhas developed his article on precisely the internet gambling. He says that internet gambling is most of the time is just a time pass that students does while spending their time on the internet. Out of 100 only 5 students have time to come back for more spins. If guided well then, these five will also not have the addiction of the gambling process. Though he agrees that increasing awareness about digital technology is increasing possibility of students getting access to such processes (Gainsbury, XXXXXXXXXXDelfa
o and King, XXXXXXXXXXregarding social impact the author have to say that the students come with free spirit and join the game. The students who get in a habit of regular gambling spend their maximum time either gambling or a
anging money to again gamble. It is a game of luck, though there are disperancy on this part as many says that gambling is a jeopardized process, where people are subjected to lose. Students who win some money ones or twice wants to give a try again. But if one is winning the other losses and every day is not same for all. The average count says that out of 100 spins the probability of winning is limited to 3.74% (Delfa
o and King, 2012).
As per Mihaylova, Kairouz and Nadeau, XXXXXXXXXXthe students suffering from gambling addiction have to face the issues like pathological disorder, compulsive disorder, anxiety, stress, and uncontrolled behaviour issues. Traditionally, gambling addiction was taken as an issue related to addiction and excessive behaviour. But recent findings show that it could lead the student towards social and individual harm. According to Young, Stevens And Mo
is, XXXXXXXXXXwhen gambling becomes an addiction or a problem the students find it difficult to afford their basic amenities as they spend their money on gambling process. Getting basic amenities, boarding, food, and lodging also becomes difficult for the student. Identifying it as an issue the studies of the student also suffers (Young, Stevens And Mo
is, XXXXXXXXXXMoore et al., XXXXXXXXXXsays that Australia is a country where the students from all over the world comes down to study for higher degrees. This is the reason that students from multi cultures are found in the country at all times. Though, this is proud fact for Australia, but the attraction that Australian gambling industry is generating for the youngsters affect the migrant students also. In some of the cultures gambling is prohibited and taken as a shameful act. Still, it has been observed that migrants students spend a good amount of time on different gambling processes (Moore et al., 2012).
From what we see from worldwide confirmation, it is by all accounts the case tricky recreations and encounters with different types of individuals Hardship, particularly joblessness as well as low-pay individuals. regardless of this it ought to be
ought up that these gatherings are not the destined to visit gambling clubs. When they do this, they confront the most serious danger of advancement issues.
Socioeconomic profile of the proposed scene from the gambling club with the above advancement, it appears that a few locales might be greater Extent of the populace that may confront advancement opportunity recreations others' issues. On the other hand, there are potential advantages as far as work Inventiveness and monetary recovery: they might be bigger in the district More noteworthy hardship. Research demonstrates that gambling clubs can make full-time affirmations (Dissimilar to different
anches of numerous diversion businesses), this isn't right It is important in groups that experience the ill effects of joblessness and underemployment. Monetary advantages are regularly thought adjacent. The amusement office itself. In this sense, the clubhouse is an illustration Give neighborhood business chances to individuals in distraught te
itories, particularly in places Individuals can't or don't have any desire to movement outside the close-by region occupations. Be that as it may, the business case isn't basic, it isn't the situation What number of these new employments truly go to individuals in require in the neighborhood? They are more. Particularly long haul jobless individuals may do not have the vital aptitudes. By the gambling club, particularly as far as better paid "front work area" work.
Gainsbury, XXXXXXXXXXsays that gambling is the process that could be done only after reaching the age of eighteen as per government rules. Many of the casinos do not allow any one below the age of eighteen to enter the casinos. But there are many other methods available for students that could be used to play the gamble. Also, there are many illegal operators in the fields who does not care about the person but just about money. They allow minor aged students to gamble their money and when they lose they are thrown out or they are even threatened for it (Gainsbury, 2011).
(Lee and Byun, 2014) mistake is not all of the students who are vulnerable to such practices. Casinos, clubs, and hotels earn a huge revenue by operating gambling processes under their roofs. It not only provides the economic strength to the hotels, and casinos but it also provides economic stability to the GDP of the country. This is the reason that taxation policies and managing policies for such gambling practices are not changing or even getting a bit strict especially for the students of Australia (Lee and Byun, XXXXXXXXXXThe demand for stricter policies has been going around since the Australian Government has also acknowledged the gambling as a major social issue in Australia.
Walker and Sobel, XXXXXXXXXXsays that students who becomes the part of the gambling industry becomes addicted to it. There are many issues that arises due it. Financial issue is the common aspect that is known by everyone. As students who participated in such practices need money and this money they beg, steal or bo
ow from their known ones. Many families have destroyed due to this major social issue taking rise in Australian culture. The youth is the most affected population in Australia by the gambling industry. The aboriginal and To
es islanders have their traditions those stop their youth from such practices. But with the approach these illegal operators have that they have covered a huge demographic population of traditional Australia (Walker and Sobel, XXXXXXXXXXAccording to Gainsbury, XXXXXXXXXXgambling is not considered as a good practice by any community or society, it is
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Table of Contents
Introduction    1
Research Objective    1
Project Scope    1
Literature Review    2
Research Questions    4
Research Design and Methodology    5
Research Limitations    6
Research Timeline    6
Conclusion    8
References    9
Appendices    11
In this paper, we have prepared a research proposal to study "Socio-Economic impact of gambling on the livelihood of Australian International Students." In last some years, it has been observed that the Australian has seen a tremendous growth in the gambling industry. Therefore, a study to evaluate the social economic impact of gambling will provide us a significant glimpse of the industry growth in cu
ent as well as the future scenario. In this research paper, we have been discussed the different variants of the research proposal that supports us to propound the overall findings in an effective manner. Here, the proposal includes; objective, scope, literature review, research questions, design, and timeline as well. All these elements collectively satisfy the determined aim of the study. This research is based on both the qualitative and quantitative research as it is theoretical and practical in nature.
Research Objective
Research objectives behave as a path for the researcher to ca
y out the research in the same direction. The research study is centered towards the following research objectives:
· The prime objective of the research is to study the influence of the gambling on the livelihood of the students living in Australia.
· The supportive objective of the research is to focus on social and economic factors and identify how they influence the gambling.
Project Scope
The research proposal covers different elements of a research study that will enhance its efficiency and usability in the eyes of the target audience. The research proposal comes with significant positive outcomes because it will teach the target audience a great knowledge of social and economic factors and how they influence the Gambling industry of Australia. The covered literature review section in the paper will provide the target audience a significant knowledge about the findings of the previous research scholars. Hence, the target audience gets a chance to improve their existing knowledge and gain some practical as well as theoretical information to use in their career. So, it can be said that the research project will lead the target market in a right direction and motivate them to learn more about the environmental factors.
Literature Review
According to the viewpoint of Delfa
o (2012) gambling is a new concept in Australia that becomes a wide issue in recent days. It happens due to the significant growth in the social problem for some people in Australia. The researcher also stated that the technology and innovation inclusion serves as the foremost factor that has changed the Australian gambling industry in a large context. Moreover, Gainsbury (2011) said that the Australian gambling industry is one of the leading industry in Australia. In today's scenario, the gambling industry in Australia holds the highest position segmenting approximate 15% of the total revenue. The total revenue of the Australia gambling industry is approximate $1.4 million that differentiate it from another potential industry. The researcher also described that the digital technology serves as a foremost reason that facilitates the easy access to illegal operations through different methods of communication. In addition, Lee (2014) conducted a research on the influence of social and cultural factors on the gambling industry. The researcher finding states that approximately 9.1% of the Australian university students are involved in gambling. Also, the 3% Australian students are taking medical help to come out the worst of the gambling. The researcher also described that at initial time period most of the Australian students consider gambling as an interesting and fun game but soon they become addicted to it. Therefore, in spite of a lot of efforts they did not able to resolve gambling addiction and live their simple life (, 2018). Apart from this, the findings of the researcher also explained that when...

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