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SIT740 Research and Development in Information Technology Pass Task 5.1P: Understanding different aspects of communication in Information Technology In this task you will investigate various forms of...

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SIT740 Research and Development in
Information Technology
Pass Task 5.1P: Understanding different aspects
of communication in Information Technology
In this task you will investigate various forms of communication of findings from research and
development in information technology discipline.
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There are several ways of communication of findings and outcomes of research and
development in information technology. For example, you can publish the outcome of
esearch and development through journals and conferences. In this task,
1. Discuss the roles and differences of the following forms of communication XXXXXXXXXX
Peer-reviewed journals/conferences
Research repository
2. A range of research metrics are used to assess the performance of publication and also
author level. List and explain three typical metrics that we use to assess the quality of
scientific or technical works (e.g., h-index).
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Table of Contents
1. Roles and Differences of Various Forms of Communication    3
Peer-Reviewed Journals/Conferences    3
Patents    3
Research Repository    4
2. Types of Research Metrics    5
H-index    5
G-index    5
Eigenfactor Score    5
References    6
1. Roles and Differences of Various Forms of Communication
Peer-Reviewed Journals/Conferences
The utility of empirical evidence is limited if it is not conveyed to others. Scientists also express the findings of their work in many general ways. One of the ways is peer-reviewed journals that can be read by other scientists. The key ways scientists share the findings of their work is by reporting the results in journals. Journals are published and can be read in the future by other individuals. Many journals are peer-reviewed, saying that they could only publish papers that reach some certain quality standard — the peer-reviewed journals are typically for a limited audience, as well as other scientists. As mentioned by Spilker, Prinsen and Kalz (2020), conferences might reach from a few hundred to thousands of participants.
Conferences are sites where scientists not just to discuss their cu
ent research results, but also connect with several other scientists for cooperation or teamwork purposes. Publications are perhaps the most long-lasting and common audience for scientists. A modern phenomenon in newspaper publishing is called an open-access. Open-access journals no longer have to pay subscribers with subscription fees, which ensure that anyone with access to the internet can review these journals.
As stated by Al-Azawei, Serenelli and Lundqvist (2016), peer review is an expert advisory method that allows academic researchers determine if a paper is worth publishing. This is the foundation of academic publishing. While the program has earned a ton of opposition for its downsides, most academics will conclude that it is crucial for scholarly publishing. Apart from in printed copies days, in which user can only physically obtain information in collections, virtual academic journals have the choice of free downloads that allow user to upload content to Computer or smart phone.
It would have been frustrating if android devices just got in touch with other android devices and MacBook with other iPhone models. It should only be attributed to standards that the mobile devices from any company can communicate through any provider and region. Standards guarantee interoperability across a wide variety of systems, far more than would have thought. The...

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