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Jose is a 42 year old man who had been in hospital for a period of 3 months following a serious motor vehicle accident. His sister Maria and her partner initially provided Jose with care after the...

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Jose is a 42 year old man who had been in hospital for a period of 3 months following a serious motor vehicle accident. His sister Maria and her partner initially provided Jose with care after the accident, but now have told him they are wo
ied about his mood swings and ability to care for himself at home and think he is using too many painkillers. Jose used to have a successful career as a financial analyst, however he lost his job after the accident as he had no more sick leave and his employer did not agree to maintain his position within the company. He has no savings left and is without other sources of income at this point.
Francine is a 24 year old woman who lives with her two children (ages 5 & 8). She is a single parent. She recently left an abusive relationship after reports were made to the local child protection authorities about concerns for the safety of the children, as well as Francine. Francine lives on the outskirts of town in an area with limited transport. One of her children requires specialist glasses that Francine is unable to afford. Her fridge has
oken down, she is without fresh food and does not have a car after it was burnt by her ex-partner. Police were called to her property (a rental) last week in response to reports that a man was shouting and throwing outdoor furniture around. Last year Francine was diagnosed with Hepatitis C but hasn’t been back to the GP since she received the test results.
Kim and Aly are of refugee background. They live with their 3 children, and 4 other families in a three bedroom house. Kim speaks no English at all, and Aly speaks a basic level of English but has not been able to find employment. They have been told a condition of their visa states they are not able to access mainstream services or income support. They are wo
ied about the recent out
eak of violence in their home country and have been trying to contact Aly’s mother who remains over there. The nearest member of their cultural community is 260kms away.
Jonno is 15 and lived with his parents, younger siblings and aunt and cousin. He has recently been kicked out of home by his father, who has found drugs in his bedroom. Jonno has been couch surfing since then and was able to stay with a friend for 12 weeks, however his friend’s parents have told him he can only now stay for another 2 weeks. Jonno has only been attending school occasionally – usually to see his girlfriend Ami. He recently tried to talk to his parents, however they refuse to take his calls. Jonno has just been questioned by the police who are investigating a series of car thefts and
eak-ins in the area. Jonno has been feeling increasingly unable to manage his anger as everything seems to “set him off”.
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Case Plan Template: Case Management Service
Clients Name: Jose 42-year-old
Case Plan Goal (overall goal):
    Actions & Tasks
    Time Frame
    To help Jose in overcoming emotional distress that was followed by his accident, which included mood swings, anxiety, anguish, bouts of anger.
    · The situation of emotional turmoil improves after a few months of injury. However, to help Jose control his emotions and help with his ability to overcome anxiety and depression, he needs to consult a physician (Jiang, Webster, Robinson, Kassam-Adams & Richmond, 2018).
· Counselling Jose’s family is also important so that the family can be reassured and help them to cope with Jose’s condition on a regular basis (Copanitsanou, Drakoutos & Kechagias, 2018).
· Provide Jose suitable medicines under the proper supervision of the medical professionals so that it can help Jose in improving and stabilise his moods.
· Jose needs also to be encouraged to participate in self-help groups that will help him overcome his anxiety.
· Psychotherapy can also be suggested for Jose under the supervision of mental health professional so that he can overcome his mood swings and anxiety.
    · Jose needs to talk more about his feelings with his family and his doctors. This will help him to overcome his fears and depression.
· He needs to be engaged more in a daily life routine and to stay active in his daily tasks. He needs to participate in different activities that will help him regain confidence (Scott-Parker, 2017).
· Regular follow up with his doctor, who can also provide refe
als for specific health care. Further, the doctor follows will also help him monitor his recovery and work with his change in an emotional state.
· Get back to his initial routine, which he followed before his accidents, which will help him, overcome his discomfort and act as a part of his healing process.
    To help Jose in becoming aware of his addiction to pain killers and allowing him to develop the habit of adherence to a medical regimen for his pains as per the recommendation of a medical professional
    · The cognitive deficit model explains the addictive disorder of Jose on opioid drugs that contribute to slowed respiration, low blood pressure and drowsiness. This addiction may have also contributed to Jose’s anxiety, jitters and mood swings (Antman et al., 2016).
· The...

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