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Screenshot check please

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Navashree answered on Apr 21 2020
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The given table in its un-normalized form is,
1. From the data given in the table, it can be seen that the ISBN is unique for each row of data. Hence, the attributes, Title, Author_LastName, Author_FirstName, Publisher, Date, Edition, Media, are dependent on the ISBN attribute. So, the dependency diagram is given below.
The functional dependency is,
ISBN Title, Author_LastName, Author_FirstName, Publisher, Date, Edition, Media
The diagram representing the same is,
2. First, the table contains data about books, authors, publishers. Now, it is clear that no book has multiple authors. However, there are anomalies and NULL values in the database. The primary aim of the normalization process is to reduce the anomalies by preserving the functional dependencies in the initial table (Garcia-Molina, Ullman, & Widom, 2013). One example of an anomaly is, if the details of the publisher Elektra is needed to be removed, then the details of the book ‘No Secret’ and the author ‘Carly Simon’ will be removed...

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