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same topic and 2 assignments 1500 each words make sure both different statement to each other.

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same topic and 2 assignments 1500 each words make sure both different statement to each other.
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Swati answered on Jul 29 2021
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Role of aged care worker in providing culturally-safe care
Part A
1. In order to improve Mrs Nikou’s experience in the aged care residential facility and to make her settle in well, there is need to use several actions. To start immediately with, the following actions must be taken-
a. Care coordinator Mary suggested appointment of registered nurse Karen in the home to champion the cross cultural care by leading and coordinating the development, implementation and evaluation of care plan for Mrs. Nikou. She belongs to Greek culture and even after staying in another country for years she speaks and understands only Greek language. To eliminate the cultural difference, a specialist needs to be hired who take necessary actions for developing, implementing and evaluating the care can plan for Mrs. Nikou being from totally different culture. (Ritchie, 2018). To cu
the loneliness, elimination of cultural difference would be first step.
. Using written English language in case staff has an accent that affects understanding of them by Mrs. Nikou. As seen in the video, the staff was not able to communicate well because of the language ba
ier (Norouzinia et al., 2016). In this case if Mrs. Nikou does not understand ve
al English, she may understand written and it must be used by staff to communicate and know her preferences and help her accordingly.
c. Preparation of communication booklet by Mrs. Nikou’s family on first day when she moves to aged care home. This would have been best if the same was provided at first day, the language ba
ier would have been eliminated initially making Mrs. Nikou more comfortable with the staff. The communication is much required to decrease the cultural difference (Norouzinia et al.,2016).and to make her comfortable and settle in the new environment. Communication booklet would help the caring staff to assist and support Mrs. Nikou better.
d. Offering by Costa for writing the main elements of day in Greek for Mrs Nikou to follow. The cross cultural champion, Karen then converts those elements into Cue cards to be used by staff. This will really help as Mrs. Nikou is not feeling comfortable and homely in the aged care home. She wants to speak to her daughter in law and son, wants to go back home. If the day to day activities and the main elements are well communicated between the staff and Mrs. Nikou, she will be able to adapt the new place. Seeking her permission before any action is must to help her settle well which can be done with the help of cue cards prepared by Karen.
e. Using cue cards with Greek/English text and pictures by the staff so as to communicate well with Mrs. Nikou. The preferences can be asked with the help of cue cards for her care followed by seeking permission before taking action.
Cue cards will help to communicate well and decrease the communication gap between staff and Mrs. Nikou as she barely understands English and only language to communicate can be Greek. Being conservative in nature and resistant to the staff towards their actions, it will be suitable to seek permission and understand her preferences which can be done with the help of Cue cards. Mrs. Nikou will feel the friendliness of staff, cross cultural difference in terms of communication ba
ier will be reduced greatly.
f. Learning few Greek words by the staff and using those words to greet Mrs. Nikou while approaching her. Assigning a staff from Greek cultural background who speaks Greek language to take care of Mrs. Nikou. Usinge Greek words or assigning Greek staff would make Mrs. Nikou feel homely and less alien towards the place. She was complaining to his son over call that...

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