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Running head: SOCIAL MEDIA 1 PAGE 3 SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media Monique Smith Dr. Peter Babiak Essential Communications COMM 19999 Social media is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way of...

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Running head: SOCIAL MEDIA
Social Media
Monique Smith
Dr. Peter Babiak
Essential Communications COMM 19999
Social media is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way of life. It has changed how people socialize and do their business. The usage of social media has skyrocketed because of the affordability of smartphones. Thus, anyone from developing countries to the most advanced countries can access the different social media platforms that are available today and make their contribution either good or bad. Social media has had an impact on businesses, young people, social relationships, and politics. It has also led to an increased number of mental health cases.
In terms of business, many business organizations today are leveraging the power of social media. Social media enables them to engage with their clients and customers. They also use social media to promote their products and services to potential customers who are on social media platforms. Social media is like a separate world that has millions of people, and this an advantage to businesses. For example, a company that has only a physical location will only attract people close to it who see what services or products they use. Social media helps businesses to market themselves to everyone across the world. Social media also allows businesses to learn about their customers (Kemal, XXXXXXXXXXIt is a cheaper method of collecting customer feedback than the traditional marketing techniques of using surveys.
Social media has also affected young people and their families. A lot of young people are on social media, and this has influenced their behavior. In most cases, the youth have felt ignored by the older generations in their families and society. Social media provides a great outlet where the youth can voice their opinions on matters that are of interest to them and influence change in society (Phoon, XXXXXXXXXXSocial media has also helped young people to explore new ideas and to market their talents to their followers. This empowers them and also helps them build resilience.
Social media has revolutionized how people socialize. It has made it easier for families and friends to connect from different parts of the world, which would not have been possible decades ago. It enables people to share pictures and videos or even have video calls, and this has helped to strengthen relationships and to
ing people together (“The impact of social media on our society”, XXXXXXXXXXFriends and family can also share skills making social media a learning platform.
Social media has also influenced how politics are ca
ied out in today’s society. Different social media have millions of daily active uses logged in their devices. These are massive crowds that political parties use social media to campaign for their candidates. They also use social media to tarnish the names and policies of their opponents (Tomalin, XXXXXXXXXXSocial media is cu
ently the most valuable tool that political parties can use to rally for votes.
The most significant negative influence of social media is the effect on the mental health of many young people in society. Social media is addictive, and a majority of young people spend hours going through the different social media platforms. This has contributed to them developing anxiety and depression (Walton, XXXXXXXXXXThis is because people start comparing themselves with others. Social media leads to more sadness and less well-being. The more people spend a lot of time on social media, the more they feel socially isolated.
In general, social media is a great tool and has influenced society on different dynamics. It has revolutionized how businesses conduct their operations by enabling them to reach more people. It has provided an avenue for the youth to voice their opinions and help in strengthening social bonds between families and friends. Social media usage should, however, be limited as most people only post their successes, and this has led to people comparing themselves with others. This increases their anxiety and leads to depression.
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Final Presentation Guidelines & Evaluation (10%)
Due Weeks 11-12
The final presentation is an individual assignment that you will deliver between Weeks XXXXXXXXXXThis project requires you to provide a
ief summary of the research you have conducted to date for your final Research Report. Select three aspects from your research report that you consider to be significant and develop a maximum10 minute presentation based on that material. You will also need to record the audio for your presentation and upload the slides and audio to the drop box on Slate.
PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS (10 points): Create a PowerPoint presentation approximately 5-8 slides in length that includes/addresses the following:
· An agenda
· 1-2 Introduction slides featuring the purpose of your research,
ief background information & context
· 3 points of discussion with citations for each point (1 slide for each point of discussion is sufficient)
· 1-2 Conclusion slides with a recap of your findings & some recommendations
· 1 visual aid (chart, graph, image, video) with citation
· Include 1 discussion question for your audience
Presentation Evaluation
INTRODUCTION                         /2
· Includes an Agenda & clear purpose statement
· Sufficient background & context provided
CONTENT                            /4
· 3 points of discussion are provided & include examples (2 points)
· A conclusion with recommendations is provided
· 1 discussion question provided for your audience
FORMAT & STYLE                     /3
· 4 citations using APA format are included in the slides (2 points)
· PowerPoint slides are clear, easy to read & free of spelling/grammar e
· Good clarity of voice, projection & eye contact
· Audio/visual aid is incorporated into the presentation and analysed
· Presentation is between 5-10 minutes in length
Total            /10
COMM19999 Essential Communication Skills
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Dilpreet answered on Aug 14 2021
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Social media has been revolutionized the lifestyle of the people
It has modified the way people socialize and organizations do business
Social media platforms have been affecting us both positively and negatively
Impact of social media can be seen on young generation, businesses, politics and social relationships
Provides opportunity to people to stay connected
It has been adversely affecting the mental health of the people
Source: Adobe Stock
With advancements in technology and increased usage of smartphones and internet, social media has become an essential part of our lives and has revolutionized the lifestyle of the people. It has modified the way people socialize and organizations do business. Social media platforms have both negative and positive impact on our lives. Impact of social media can be seen on young generation, businesses, politics and social relationships. Though social media has been providing people with an opportunity to stay connected with each other it has also been adversely affecting the mental health of the people.
Purpose of Research
Research focuses on both positive and negative impacts of social media
Takes into consideration the impact of social media on young generation
Focuses on the impact social media has on businesses
Sheds light on the impact of social media on politics
Highlights the impact of social media on social relationships
Daily Time spent on social media
Source: Statista
The purpose of this research is to critically analyse the positive and negative impact of social media on various aspects of lives of people and the businesses. This research takes into consideration the impact of using social media on young generations. The research shall also focus on the positive and negative impact of social media platforms on businesses. The report shall also discuss about the impact of social media on politics and social relationships.
Impact of Social Media on Young People
It has been providing opportunity to young people to voice their opinion
Has been helping the younger generation to gather new ideas and be innovative and creative
Empowers youth and helps them to build resilience while marketing their talent
Helps to share photos, videos and messages to stay...

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