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Respond to at least two of your peers with meaningful content. 1st student discussion I believe Oza has been successful with these products because they started out removed from big names like Coca...

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Respond to at least two of your peers with meaningful content.
1st student discussion

I believe Oza has been successful with these products because they started out removed from big names like Coca Cola and Pepsi. Like the case study mentions, soda is associated with being unhealthy and being high in sugar. These products can be successful because they seem healthier and they have healthier celebrity endorsements. The bigger companies can then pick the products up because they have created their own public perception of being healthier.

By having the endorsers like 50cent and Justin Timberlake not only market the products through endorsements, they also have financial stock in the company so that gives them further reason to want the products to be successful. They products also benefit from the revenue of these celebrities.

I like the celebrity endorsement of Jennifer Aniston with Smartwater. She is someone that seems ageless and health is obviously important to her. So many people love her and many want to know what her secret is of being in such great shape and looking good at 50+. Smartwater wants to be a water choice that people trust and know to be of good quality.

2nd stundents discussion

I very much enjoyed reading up on Rohan Oza and his marketing success from Sprite and then Powerade at Coca Cola on to Vitamin Water what really resonated with me is his quote in Business Insider "I believed in order to make a product a success you need to be a brand messiah, not a marketing manager. I only hire brand messiahs — they live and breathe the product, not just sell it. (Brinded, L Nov 2015) In business when people pour themselves into their passion they stand out above the crowd, clearly Rohan has a passion for marketing from his education to his career to his nickname as Brandfather being a brand messiah resonates with others around him. When he approached celebrities that belief became infectious. I like his statistic that 1 in 10 people influence all the rest of us, learning how to become that 1 in 10 and then teaching other helped make the brands he was passionate about. Further taking the market research personal by handing out Vitamin water to flight attendants and at airports as he traveled and beginning to influence influencers is further evidence that for him marketing is not just a day job but h is life. Further getting buy in from those influencers like the deal with 50 Cent who took stock in the company means he is constantly looking out for the brand and continuallymarketing for it.

I really like the Sobe drinks and think that Zooey Deschanel would do awesome promoting them, the drinks are fun and light and I feel her persona in movies and on TV (new girl) match that fun and light spirit.

Andr/nostalgia - Drinking SoBe out of glass bottles.

Photo credits for Sobe from to an external site.)

Photo credit for Zooey Deschanel from Yocom, T Dec 2014 XXXXXXXXXXoutfits-zooey-deschanel-would-wear-in-elf-if-it-was-filmed-in-2014-because-the(Links to an external site.)

Brinded, L Nov 2015 XXXXXXXXXX

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    After going through your post, I would like to thank you for providing me with an opportunity to gain insights into the success stories of some lesser-known
ands. I agree with you on the point that
ands like Oza have managed to give tough competition to big names like Coca Cola and Pepsi through cele
ity endorsements. I believe that promoting healthy drinks acted as a unique selling point for Oza as most of the customers in the cu
ent scenario prefer to intake healthy drinks over sodas, which contain...

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