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Respond to at least two of your peers with meaningful content. 1st student discussion MTV or Music Television has created a world for music lovers to come together and be apart of different lives. MTV...

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Respond to at least two of your peers with meaningful content.
1st student discussion

MTV or Music Television has created a world for music lovers to come together and be apart of different lives. MTV started in August 1st, 1981 MTV officially launched with the words, "Lady's and gentleman, rock and roll." Since then MTV has done very well for itself. With shows like Headbanger's Ball, TRL or Total Request Live, also picking up reality shows to widen its audience. If you talk to anyone that new MTV when it first came out they would say it changed a lot and is not what it use to be. Now a days, it's nothing but reality shows and hardly, if any, music video shows. For MTV to take their channel worldwide and even picking up more channels was not and is not a bad choice. With the every growing generations, tv channels of all kinds has to change in order to keep their viewers interested. For America, the MTV network has more reality shows than music video shows. Shows like Jersey Shore, Real World, Road Rules, Teen Mom 1 & 2, Wild n' Out, and many more. It's safe to say that MTV has become more of a reality network than a music television network. I believe that MTV's future does lie in the international operations. Americans today are more concerned with reality tv than music videos. With platforms like YouTube, a person can just search for a song and watch the video. TRL or Total Request Live was a music video show that played music videos for the songs on the countdown which people voted for.

Over the years TRL would shorten the video length to make more time for other shows. TRL use to be an hour long to make sure all of the video was played in it's entirety. At the end of TRL's run the show was only a half hour long and then finally taken off the air. MTV faces a lot of challenges when it comes to political, economic, and completive ventures. With being worldwide all of the different cultures come into play. From broadcasting in India, to Argentina, to China, MTV has to work around all of those cultures and different religious beliefs. It seems that MTV is doing well for itself because it is still on the air and continuing to make new shows. A popular show in America for MTV is Tana Turns 21. Which features a internet pop icon named Tana Mongeau. I'm such that the MTV channels in different countries feature internet stars of the same caliber making the same shows.

MTV has overcome cultural differences over the years and continue to do so. Becoming an International network they have faced many challenges. With time changing ever so rapidly, MTV has made many mistakes but have learned from them. Every market has it's differences and requires a different way to market. Most cases MTV will partner with other established networks to make their trsistivn easier to market. Overall, MTV creates global music community by endorsing acts on an international level. In 2001, MTV acquires The Music Factory, which was it biggest competitor in The Netherlands and the Dutch Speaking part of Belgium.

2nd student discussion

1. I think MTV future lies in both international and domestic. MTV is offered all over the world for different age group. MTV reaches over 4 billion homes over 40 languages through programmed locally and locally operated television channels and websites. Unite States generates 70% of MTV profit, whereas 85% of the company's regular customers live outside of the United States.

2. MTV can face political, economic, and competitive challenges when they are in the global market. In chapter 3 they talk about global trade, the company can face many challenges. Every company has their own rules and work procedures. Example, some challenges can be be local or domestic as in the culture.

3. Every country has a their own tradition , culture, and etc, therefore a company must have their own intake in the foreign market. In the case study states, one reason is MTV success is the glocalization-its ability to adapt programs to fit local cultures while still maintaining consistent, special style.

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Response to student 1
Thank you so much for your post. In the first paragraph of your post you have mentioned MTV officially launched ‘Lady’s and gentleman, rock and roll’. Apart from these you have also mentioned various innovative TV shows that MTV has launched. I really appreciate this section of your post as you have provided so much detailed information. In the second paragraph, you have mentioned length of TRL (Total Request Live) has been...

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