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Research Title
Adoption of new enterprise intelligence platform by Levallois-Pe
et, Dance-based Ca
Research Question
· To what level the new enterprise intelligence platform would help in effective management of data?
· To what level the security and confidentiality of customer data in its data warehouse. Would be ensured?
Digital Technology
To start with, Data Warehouses have turned out to be increasingly admired since data in common has been made accessible in the electronic type. Incremented calculations as well as network sources have made it doable to process huge amounts of available information that to in a competent way. The notion of data warehouse is grounded in the belief of long term planned storage where information is stored in archived form and is obtainable for future use along with an a
angement which assist resourceful examinations (Deborah, 2007). Moreover, the distinctive application situation of the data warehouse includes multifaceted cross-examinations of the information (Bort, 2008).
In simple terms, data warehousing can be defined as a combination of data from several different and varied resources at a common place or usually a database that can be easily manipulated. The three main data warehousing systems for data warehousing includes analysis, queries and reporting (Deborah, 2007). Moreover, data warehousing possesses a strong capability to integrate endless number of sources as there exists only one database in the end. But capabilities of system are to be taken into consideration (Watson et. al., 2001). In few situations, it even uses manifold data resources so as to obtain extra data from the information. This makes possible for conduction of very wide and thorough study of the data enclosed in the source information (Bort, 2008). The cross-application of the numerous resources could increment the importance and degree of the data accessible as well. The fundamental supposition is that the data structure executing the data warehouse makes use of all the essential ways for shielding the truthfulness and accessibility of the original database, along with the privacy and confidentiality of the data. Though, it is difficult to predict the usage of mining information system at the time of setting up data warehouses.
Companies today are investing in data warehousing to analyse the business and market related trends or may be to observe the daily operations and strategic planning. According to Deborah (2007), this aids in reporting, formulating business models as well as projections. Moving ahead, the future combining of the several data resources could generate the circumstances where the degree of the data which could be pulled out from the data warehouse, powerfully surpasses all that was initially forecasted (Deborah, 2007). Further, this result in a call for protecting the information against infringes.  
Introduction to the Company
et, Dance-based Ca
efour, which is credited with having the largest customer behaviour database in France, is planning to expand the repository's functionality to its marketing department (Rocha, 2009). Ca
efour continually converges all the massive volume of data from 1,230 stores into its Active Enterprise Data Warehouse; from Miamisburg, Ohio-based Teradata, and is further taking initiatives to expand this information to its marketing department (Rocha, 2009). To provide this accessibility, Ca
efour and Teradata worked together to increase the repository's information capacity and then programmed EDW (Enterprise Data Warehousing) to process data in the near real time.
The new enterprise intelligence platform, which went live within six months, supports more detailed analysis of data with regards consumer behaviour and purchasing. It also provides better and improved management of the chain's marketing campaigns. For example, Ca
and marketers need to manage data points for more than 60,000 customer categories and more than 14 million households. The new EDW will also provide an enterprise view of shopper activity in each store and Ca
efour plans to use the technology to localize promotions to shoppers at each of its hypermarkets and supermarkets.
Gerard Castrie (Marketing and Communication Director, Ca
efour France) mentions that “we want to target every customer in a precise and relevant fashion during our marketing operations. However, this does not include over-communicating with them and measuring a significant return on investment." Looking ahead, the chain expects to have 70 users continuously submitting complex requests for these tasks. The platform will be able to deliver responses within minutes, according to a company statement (Rocha, 2009).
Introduction to the business activity
To start with, Business Intelligence/ Data Warehouse (BIDW) can be defined as uniting data, human expertise, tools and technology as well as analytics to optimise and enhance decision making and business outcomes (Hammergren and Simon, 2009). According to Du (2010), the strategic aim of BIDW is to drive success for an enterprise. BIDW programs are...

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