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Answered Same Day May 16, 2020


Ashish answered on May 18 2020
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Running Head: Analysis of Nestle Company
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Executive summary
The business leader focuses on the improvement of freshwater supply by ceasing the taking water from the various developing countries. There is a petition from the company call Sum of Us they want the Nestle company stop taking the water from the village of Bhati Dilwan (Pakistan). Sum of Us also considers that the clean water is human rights. But there is a lot of different studies come in regards that Nestle is not whole sole responsible for lowering of groundwater in Sheikhupura (Pakistan).
Nestle uses the groundwater for the bottled water plant; there is no doubt that water converted to water but drinking water! Water that was earlier used by other stakeholders of the society (e.g., farmers for i
igation) will be available less is quantity. The question of price increase of drinking water (for its bottled form) may not be considered because the plant is creating jobs, helping boost the economy, and thus making the income of the local people higher. So, when groundwater is being used too much for bottling, Nestle gain is its profit, there is no risk shared by Nestle. The public is gaining directly or indirectly from the boost in economy and losing out are many forms where the water is being used for other purposes such as i
igation. So, the gains and risks are not uniformly distributed across all the stakeholders. So, the doctrine of "reasonable usage" very well applies here.
In addition, Nestle has even longer and clear vision...

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