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Refugee policy in Australia or Philippine conflict case study of Pres Duerte hard line in the war on drugs and terrorism.

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Executive Summary
The Australian government has made various changes in their refugee policy for the development of the refuges that come to Australia from other parts of the world. However, various factors affect the conflict of the refugee policy in Australia. This conflict can occur in between the non-aboriginal people and the refugees due to various actors that are crowd, poor education, finance and employment. The sources of the conflict are also discussed that include race and ethnicity. The Australian government has made some changes in refuge policy to make it stricter so that the criminal group cannot enter Australia in the name of refugee.
Table of Contents
Introduction    4
Report Methodology    4
Findings and Analysis    4
Origins of the Conflicts    4
Key Actors in the Conflict    5
Sources of Conflict    6
Approaches to Conflict Resolution (Recommendations)    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
Refugees from all over the world come to seek healthcare and shelter facilities to Australia on account of unfavourable situations in their native countries. Asylum seekers or refugees had to go through hardships during their initial years in Australia. The large number of people a
iving to Australia led to the overcrowding amongst its population, resulting into lack of opportunities. These issues caused the conflicts for existence and rights, which forced the Australian government to enact as well as enforce some policies that could not only safeguard the rights of the refugees, but also resolve the conflicts.
Report Methodology
For this particular study, the primary research could not be conducted because it might not have generated authentic, unbiased responses if human participants were involved. Hence, secondary literature search has been done to find out the origin of the chosen conflict, key factors in the conflict, sources of the conflicts and approaches to conflict resolution. For the secondary research, journals, articles on refugee policy and Australian government website are chosen that helped in the research. For this, only latest journals and articles are chosen that are published in 2014 and after 2014. The journals and articles helped to complete the research successfully. This help to generate the findings and analysis of the research.
Findings and Analysis
Origins of the Conflicts
The conflict generally occurs between the refugees and the settled people of Australia. Akbari and MacDonald (2014, p.801) mentioned the refugee policies as the government instruments that is designed to attain certain results. The refugees need to get a chance to rebuild their lives in safety with dignity in the country. The refugees in Australia are known as asylum seekers. They do not get the chance to live in the metropolitan cities with other people rather they have to inhabitant on the countryside places. Moreover, they do not get appropriate facilities such as the other people living in the metropolitan cities, which create problems among them.
However, the Australian government has created various policies, which were not followed appropriately. Humanitarian intake of Australia relatively has remained steady over last twenty years. Around 12000 to 13000 people are accepted every year typically (Boswell, 2017, p.232). The asylum seekers attempted to come to Australia by boat from different countries. The asylum seekers are mainly financially poor and need health care faculties to live a healthy life. Australia applies tough asylum policies to control the criminal gangs. However, by toughing the refugee policies, the government have failed to implement it appropriately.
For this reason, the asylum seekers are not allowed to stay in Australia and are sent back to their own places by the lifeboats. This type of activities creates conflict between Australia and the refugees or asylum seekers. As the refugees do not get proper treatment and facilities in the...

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