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Running Head: HEALTHCARE        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Mental Health Issues and Cu
ent Policies Addressing Those Issues    3
Political Process Driving the Reform Agenda for Mental Health and AOD    4
Socio-Economic Factors Driving the Reform Agenda for Mental Health and AOD    5
Conclusion    6
References    7
    Mental health is one of the most neglected aspect of society. It would be essential to consider that mental disorders impose significant burden not only the society or the individual but also on the communities, employers, and government as well as healthcare systems. Mental health is mostly affected due to socio-economic and political factors. The Australian government has implied numerous policies as well as strategies in order to address these mental health issues; however, these fail to address every social, economic and political determinant of mental health among individuals. This essay addresses the political process as well as socio-economic factors driving the reforms for mental health and Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD).
Mental Health Issues and Cu
ent Policies Addressing Those Issues
    Mental health issues are one of the most common health issues in Australia. One out of five individuals in Australia ageing between 16 and 85 years has been reported to suffer from mental illness every year. Further, very few policies or mental health promotion strategies have been implied by Australian government in order to address mental health issues among individuals. ‘National Mental Health Policy 2008’ is one of the most effective policy implied by Australian government on a large scale.
Some of the major aims of this policy were to promote mental health and wellbeing of Australian community, preventing development of mental health issues, reducing the impact of mental illness, promoting recovery from mental health illness along with assuring the rights of individuals suffering from mental health issues. This policy specifically does not address the social and political factors affecting mental health issues such as, anxiety, depression and much more (The Department of Health, 2020). Likewise, it does not address AOD as a major factor, behind mental health issues among indigenous communities such as, Aboriginals and To
es Strait Islanders.
Political Process Driving the Reform Agenda for Mental...

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