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redo of order 29676

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redo of order 29676
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Akansha answered on May 25 2020
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Essay Plan and Annotated Bibliography        1
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Essay Plan
Essay Topic - Examine the ideology, core beliefs, and support base of the Australian Greens. What challenges does your chosen party face to become or remain a viable player in Australian politics? Does the party have a future?
The increasing concern related to environment gave birth to various groups, and one that emerged as a unified political force was the Australian Greens. Australian Greens emerged as a political party that aims to
eak the traditional political system of the Australian politics. This essay plan is for the essay that aims to conduct extensive research on the ideologies, support base and core beliefs to develop an understanding of the cu
ent position of the party in combatting the raised challenges and sustaining their position in the future.
Main Body
The agenda is the most important aspect for a political party. As an agenda only give birth to a political party by
inging together the people with same vision. As Australia Greens boast to be different from other political parties of Australia and aims to
ing positive changes the agenda along with the history of the political party will be discussed,
This section of the essay will identify if presently, Australian Greens is the viable player in the Australian Political System. It will also analyse the extent, to which it is...

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