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Proposed practice innovation – facilitating educational change. Consider a change that has happened in your work context which was, or should have been, influenced by health professional education,...

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Proposed practice innovation – facilitating educational change. Consider a change that has happened in your work context which was, or should have been, influenced by health professional education, (the lack of adherence to 5 moments of hand hygiene is a good example in the clinical setting, change to case-based learning is another in the academic setting). It may have been effective or ineffective. Consider how the change was implemented using these specific headings: - Identification of change - Educational approach used - Explore application of leadership or management theory used or absence of (what was missing) - What the perceived enablers and barriers were and why? - What the perceived outcomes were - Propose a practice innovation by describing potential educational solutions/ alternatives or if the change was successful describe how you ensure the standard was maintained? - Outline how you would plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed change.
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SMS Reminder System in healthcare services
In order to promote patient appointment in improved manner along with medical compliance, text messages appear to be an effective mechanism to remind. There are two major focus areas in research on SMS in health care services. These are behavior change interventions and reminders. Mobile health is basically mobile computing and communication technology use in the area of public health and health care. (Be
ougiguet et al., 2016). Um
ella of mHealth covers both area- behavior change intervention and reminders. SMS reminders plays vital role in appointment attendance, medication adherence as well as in behavior change. (Kannisto et al, 2014). Reminders serve as prompts/coaching to help facilitation of change in behavior. (Prochaska et al, 1994). They are used to enhance prospective memory and likened to stop signs at a busy intersections that reminds us how next response. (McDaniel et al, 2004)
Identification of change- Majority of mHealth changes occu
ed from year 2003 when the phone era became a boon and took over the reminders using calendars, alarms etc. Since then, the number of cell phone owners increased substantially. Also, the rate of text messaging rapidly increased. (International Telecommunication Union, 2017). There was need to send reminders for following services most of the time-
· Screening reminde
· Medication adherence reminde
· Appointment reminde
· Medical treatment adherence
· Educational messages
· Vaccine reminde
· Usage reminde
· Informational reminde
· Exercise reminde
· Self monitoring reminde
· Re-testing reminde
· Task reminde
· Supportive messaging
· Medical safety reminders
Problem was most of the time patient will get busy in their routine life and won’t come back for further treatment, diagnosis, follow-up until and unless there is any health issue all over again. So in order to keep a check on health of individuals, reminding them of certain follow-ups, screening, treatment including all above mentioned areas was much required.
Educational approach used in this was that SMS were mostly sent directly to patients. There was necessity in some healthcare needs to sent reminders to guardians/caretakers instead of patients. For application of this new education, no specific age, diagnosis or population mattered. It was same for all to remind about appointments, follow ups, medication and other required instructions.
Educational approach used for SMS reminders included few specifications of messages which are as follows-
· Goal of text message- An SMS must serve some goal or motive. It must have a strong reason behind it.
· Rate of messaging- To actually have the impact of SMS reminders, rate and frequency matters. Duration till when SMS will be sent...

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