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Project One: Literacy Na
Assignment Description
Half draft due to Moodle workshop AND Google folder Friday, 1/19
Reader Response due to Moodle workshop, 1/23
Final draft due to Google folder Friday, 2/2    
A literacy na
ative is meant to capture a series of moments, experiences, artifacts, and influences from your background with reading and writing. Your literacy na
ative will not read like a typical “school essay.” Instead, it should be a series of pieces that come together to tell a larger story about you. Imagine a collage of snapshots or vignettes, documenting significant moments in your life that impact who you are as a literate individual today.                     
I encourage you to include images, song lyrics,
ief quotes from your favorite (or maybe your least favorite) author. Feel free to incorporate anything that you think will add insight into the story of your literacy.                     
Give special consideration to the terminology discussed in class (if you miss this discussion, get solid notes from a classmate). These key concepts will help inform the direction of your na
1. Your na
ative should be specific. Name specific books that you read, specific people that influenced you, specific anecdotes that have shaped your literacy life. All of these moments of specificity must relate to a larger developing concept of literacy.
2. Your na
ative should include your definition of literacy. When I say definition, I do not want to know what Webster thinks. Use your experiences as a literate person and concepts from class discussions to tell me what literacy means to you.        
3. Your literacy na
ative should be as fully developed as your word count allows. Do not just focus on a single time or place in your life. Use several people, places, and times that explain how you have come to this point in your life. Your na
ative should feel complete.    
4. Your na
ative should be fully focused with every detail (anecdote, concept, word) purposefully selected to affect a sense of belonging to the piece.
5. The final copy of your na
ative should reflect engagement with peer and instructor commentary, be proofread for mechanical issues, and adhere to conventions as set forth in this sheet.
· Use MLA or APA (author’s choice), and use it consistently throughout your na
· Use double spaced, Times New Roman font
· Use 1-inch margins
Invention Portfolio
This portion of your unit grade will factor in all writing generated in class or as homework – drafts, peer review, reflections, discussion boards, etc.
Project One Ru
    Radke | ENG 131 | Project One Assignment Sheet
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Bidusha answered on Jan 20 2024
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Table of Contents
Personal na
ative    3
Personal na
I watched old school child shows on PBS to learn how to read and write before I started school. programs like Between the Lions, Super Why, and Sesame Street, to mention a few. I learned a lot of reading skills from the performances since they introduced me to new words, letter sounds, and good sentence construction. Not only have the shows improved my writing and reading skills, but they have also expanded my vocabulary. I was ahead of the other children in preschool when it came to vocabulary. We used to go over the alphabet every day, especially after we were taught it, and we would make up words that began with each letter. I was still not the finest writer, though.
If I were to use terms that I didn't know in a sentence, it wouldn't make sense. We used to file our documents in folders that had a long list of new and often used terms on the back, including words I use very frequently. I seem to recall writing, "I friend, lava, and volcano," on one paper. Since I couldn't spell fire, I typed buddy instead. I wasn't the best reader either, even still. Even though I understood more words than the other kids, I can still recall that I couldn't read or write as quickly. Which was amusing since I was the child who spoke so quickly that, in third grade, I had to enroll in a counseling session to learn how to slow down and practice "sliding" my voice. With my family speaking Spanish so rapidly, it was difficult to get used to speaking English co
For this reason, viewing those outdated English-language schoolchildren's programs improved my understanding of speech. I could use them in a sentence when speaking with someone since the conversation was generally moving slowly enough for me to hear and process what was being said. In the past, I would also attempt to read the newspaper and the instructions for a certain video game. Turning on the subtitles and reading them along with the speech in video games was another method I used to learn to read. For additional reading practice, I would also study the lore from whichever game I was playing at the moment. I won't be able to utilize the terms I learned from video games in real life, but it didn't stop them from being fun to learn.

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