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Project 1 You have been working as a supervisor in a community service organisation for some time. The organisation has a policy of recognising diversity—personal/ individual and cultural. The current...

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Project 1

  • You have been working as a supervisor in a community service organisation for some time.

    The organisation has a policy of recognising diversity—personal/ individual and cultural. The current workforce is, therefore, comprised of a number of people from different cultures, with a wide range of background experiences and skills.

    Inclusivity policies are supported by the current workforce and there is very little conflict. All staff receives cross-cultural training which helps them accept workforce diversity and accommodate the diverse needs of the clients for whom they care.

    Write a 2000 word paper explaining:

    • the ways in which diversity can impact on work and work relationships
    • the benefits of diversity
    • the need for inclusivity, cultural safety and cultural competence
    • why it is necessary for staff to reflect on their own individual and cultural characteristics, biases and prejudices
    • how diversity should be valued and accommodated
    • how effective and mutually beneficial relationships can be built with work mates, clients and clients’ families
    • how to overcome communication barriers
    • how the individual and cultural needs of clients can be accommodated and respected
    • the methods that might be used to prevent, overcome or manage cultural conflicts
    • strategies that people can use to improve their own self and social awareness
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Diversity Management at a Workplace
Unit Code
Professor’s Name
Introduction    2
Managing Diversity its Challenges, Impact, and Benefits    2
Impact of diversity on work and relationships    2
Benefits of diversity    4
Challenges of diversity    4
The need for inclusivity, cultural safety, and cultural competence along with a self-inspection    5
Diversity should be valued and accommodated    5
Building working relationships    6
Overcoming of communication ba
iers    6
The methods to respect the client’s need for diversity    7
Measure to prevent culture conflicts    7
Strategies to increase the awareness about the culture    8
Conclusion    8
References    9
Diversity can be defined as a group of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds and possessing different skills and experiences. These differences could be considered in the race, religion, origin, culture, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and age. On a general basis diversity is considered as a good thing for a workplace but at some places and circumstances it maty act as a challenge for the company leaders (Wink, 2009).
Image: - The company’s Logo
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The Diversity Trust was established in the UK 30 years back to provide care to the needed ones. With the vision of developing an inclusive world that is built of the three pillars of trust, respect, and equality for making people with disability to choose their way of living life. The trust has developed drastically and now serving in many countries including Australia. The focus of the report will be set geographically in Australia (The Disability Trust, 2018). Working with diversity present a lot of challenges and the report will identify those challenges and provide solution for the same along with some recommendations and conclusion.
Managing Diversity its Challenges, Impact, and Benefits
Impact of diversity on work and relationships
Diversity in a workplace could be taken as a forced social tolerance, but also a proof of organization’s fair hiring process. The biggest and vital impact diversity have on the work and work relationship is the perspective. The diverse group comes along with different viewpoint and discuss to resolute the issues. Such variable inputs allow the organization to achieve the best from the
ainstorming and discussion taking place between people. The company should identify the managing procedures for handling the diverse work force which will help in achieving positive result for the company. If not managed well then, the diversity may lead to confusion and misconceptions between the workforce which negatively impact the company and its workers. The Disability Trust is the organization that not only have the diversity in the cultural factors but also people with special needs. The company aims to follow the inclusive policies to manage the diversity of the workplace and develop a positive environment in it. The inclusive policy says that every human being has a right to live a normal life as per his or her choice. The same should be followed in the company with the diversified workforce (Westgate, 2016).
Image 2: - Different business etiquettes related to various countries.
Source: - http:
Benefits of diversity
Small, medium or big the size does not matter but every company is aiming to develop policies to manage the diversity in the workplace. Increasing globalization has given birth to the trend of diversity at the workplace. There are many benefits those comes along with diversity in an organization. Some are discussed below: -
· The perspectives of diverse cultures can lead towards creativity and encourage innovation
· Diversity allows local and global market knowledge under one roof. This makes the business more competitive and ultimately profitable.
· The presence of cultural sensitivity, local and global information, an insight results in higher quality and more focused target marketing strategies
· An organization with the pool of culturally diversified talent allows it to attract and retain the best talent.
· An organization with a diverse skills base enjoys the benefit of offering more
oader and better adapting range of products and services to its customer base.
· It has been proved several times that the team with diversity enjoys higher productivity and perform better than others.
· With so much to learn and gain the diversified workforce provides an opportunity to each one for a personal and professional growth (Diversity Editorial Office, 2015).
Challenges of diversity
Like every coin has a flip side there are some negatives or challenges in the diversified workforce. The identified challenges are as follows: -

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