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Proceed according to the following instructions. 1. Identify an ethical dilemma or ethically questionable situation from ONE of the following four YouTube videos:...

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Proceed according to the following instructions.

1. Identify an ethical dilemma or ethically questionable situation from ONE of the following four YouTube videos:





Please include the link to the video in the references list of your assignment.

2. Undertake further research about the ethical issues you identified in your chosen video to assist you in analysing and discussing it in your essay.

3. You are required to analyse the ethical dilemma you have identified above using the Doing Ethics Technique (DET). The word limit should be between XXXXXXXXXXwords. Note: Headings, citations, references and any appendices do not count towards your word limit, but quotations do. At the start of the assignment indicates in brackets the word count of your assignment excluding those items mentioned above.

4. Include a Reference list at the end of your work, in the correct APA referencing style, corresponding to in-text citations. You must include at least TWO (2) quality academic references from different sources. Please note that these references are in addition to those provided to you through this subject (for example, you still must reference, the DET, Tavani, the Interact subject lecture notes etc BUT these references cannot be used as one of your two quality academic references from different sources). Only include references that have been cited in the body of your assignment and ones that support what you have presented in your assignment.

NOTE: Please use the template provided in resources section of subject site.


This assessment aligns with the following subject learning outcomes:

  • be able to identify ethical issues related to ICT;
  • be able to assess the implications of ethical problems;
  • be able to critically evaluate solutions to ethical problems;
  • be able to apply ethical theories to ethical problems;
  • be able to argue consistently and rationally about the moral issues raised by the adoption and use of ICT.
Marking criteria

The following marking sheet will be used to assess students' submissions.

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Table of content
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    Introduction to DET (Doing Ethics Technique)
    Questionnaires on bases of chosen video
Introduction to DET (Doing Ethics Technique)
The DTE is defined and used as the short form of Doing Ethics Technique. By using this technique the ethics analysis related to any specific issue in any user specific problem or case is being developed. The DTE never generate the exact solution for any required problem but it provides a way for developing possible ethics process in that specific case. To complete the given assignment, https: link of YouTube is being used by me. It is the initial link in given problem definition.
Questionnaires on bases of chosen video
Question number 1: What is going on in selected video?
Answer: In the selected video, a meeting is going on between project manager (PM) and project director (PD). In the video, the discussion is going on for making delivery of a specific project (Will project) before 30 days from committed deadline. The PM is saying this to PD. The PD (program director) is give details regarding importance of encryption related to Willy’s application or project. The PM is saying that if encryption techniques are being removed from Willy’s application, then, it is possible to make delivery of this application before the set deadline. But removal of encryption techniques can lead to so many data security problems to Willy’s application. To complete the project before already set deadline, the possible alternatives like bonus and incentives to team members are suggested by PM. The PM says that this will lead team members to work extra hours for covering the time gap in actual and expected deadline [https:].
Question number 2: List the possible factors which may encounter in this suggested case of...

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