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IEEE refrencing mandatory

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IEEE refrencing mandatory
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Amit answered on May 31 2020
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Network design and questionnaire for sport complex
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School of information technology and Engineering, Melbourne University, Australia
Table of Contents
1.    Requirement analysis for developing the required network design    3
2.    Requirement collection from possible questionnaire    3
3.    V & V plan stakeholders of sport complex    4
4.    Network design on bases of collected requirements    5
5.    Demonstration of proposed design for required network layout    5
6.    References:    8
1. Requirement analysis for developing the required network design
In any required network layout or design, the requirements specified by staff members, management of organization and lastly end user plays a complex role in its development. The final design of required network is being developed on the bases of scatte
ained requirements ([1]). Here, in the case of sport complex, the collected and assumed requirements of potential network design are supplied underneath:
1. The execution of three distinct sets of related applications is being required to execute on this potential proposed network design.
2. The executed sets of applications will have distinct delays, distinct reliabilities and distinct capacities.
3. This sport complex network requires two switches for its implementation.
4. This sport complex network requires A, B, C routers for its implementation.
5. This sport complex network requires four LANs with distinct masks of used subnets for its implementation.
6. The implementation of four switches is required for end user connectivity to developed LANs.
2. Requirement collection from possible questionnaire
The development of questionnaires has a specific purpose of requirement collection related to network design or any other project. The interaction from staff members of sport complex, management of sport complex and end users of sport complex makes it open ended questionnaire. The potential requirements of this sport complex can easily be collected on the bases of created questionnaire. The network administrator can take help of this developed questionnaire for designing the virtual layout of network design required at sport complex. The network designers of sport complex can also use this developed questionnaire for making the desired implementation of required network ([2]). Thus, the potential questionnaire to collect the requirements of sport complex network is supplied underneath:
1. What are the major and minor events which are conducted on the potential sport complex network? The execution of possible events helps in easy development of sport complex...

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