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BTAC 100 Integration Project BTAC 100 - FINAL INTEGRATION PROJECT – Due August 18 by 9 pm Project components: · PowerPoint presentation · Word letter · Word MLA citations · Excel spreadsheet · Access...

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BTAC 100 Integration Project
BTAC 100 - FINAL INTEGRATION PROJECT – Due August 18 by 9 pm
Project components:
· PowerPoint presentation
· Word lette
· Word MLA citations
· Excel spreadsheet
· Access database
You are employed by a high tech corporation called the Green River Corporation. At this company, there has been discussion and concern about ethical issues revolving around technology, software, and computers. The CEO of the company has assigned you to research and investigate a compute
technology ethical issue and to present your findings to the district managers.
You are to choose one of the following compute
technology ethical issues that the CEO is interested in having you present to the district managers:
· Blogging
· Copyright laws regarding the Internet
· Software issues (copying software and software piracy including the understanding of freeware, shareware, and other classifications of software)
· Internet issues such as fraud, privacy, safety issues, or etiquette
· Privacy issues regarding SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (social networking sites)
· Spam
· Cookies
· Viruses and worms
· Spyware
· Hacking
· Phishing
· LinkedIn—What is it?
· Using employer technology for personal use: taking laptops home; using work computers, software, copiers, printers, faxes, etc.
· Wireless security issues
· Identity theft and the Internet
· Wikis
· Cloud computing
After choosing one of the above topics, you will then find factual information on that topic. You will use the Web to research the topic.
The CEO would like you to provide the information to the managers by presenting a PowerPoint presentation with your findings. You will be creating this presentation. Also, she wants each manager to receive an informational letter summarizing the information that you are going to be talking about and the date of the presentation. This will require you to create a company database that will be used to distribute the letter. In addition, you will create a worksheet and chart that will be integrated into the informational letter.
The informational letter, the database, the worksheet/chart, a Works Cited page, and the PowerPoint presentation will be completed and turned in by Wednesday, August 18, at 9 pm. to the drop boxes in Canvas for each of the above files. No late assignments will be accepted.
Make sure to proofread all sections of this project, as points will be lost for typographical e
ors, misspelled words, and grammatical e
ors. There will be a grading sheet available to you so that you may see how many points are possible for each section of this project.
Ethical Issue Research and Use of Research/MLA Works Cited Page
You are responsible for a specific ethical issue and will choose one of the ethical issues listed on page 1 of this handout.
You will use the WWW to find information and facts concerning your issue. While researching for information, you are responsible for taking notes or printing selections of information that you will need and use when you create your PowerPoint presentation and your summary paragraph for the informational letter. You are required to use at least three different sites in preparing your presentation. Cite your sources appropriately within your presentation using MLA style.
In submitting your project, you will include an MLA-style Works Cited page. I recommend you review your textbook—Word—for Works Cited formatting, and use the same formatting presented in the Word chapter. See the information in the textbook to set up the title. You will type your own entries in the format shown and follow the instructions on formatting paragraphs with a hanging indent. If you need additional information about the MLA style, check the following resources:
Citing Sources using MLA citation style or Google the topic: MLA
You will list all the sites from which you actually used information in preparing your presentation. You are required to have a minimum of three different sites. Make sure to include the URL of the websites in your Works Cited page. (Wikipages are not considered a valid site.) Include your Works Cited page in the drop box with the required components that you will turn in. Include your name and your specific ethical issue as a footer on the Works Cited page (e.g.: Lori Fishburn, Internet Fraud). Name this Word document Works Cited by Your First and Last Name.
Database (Access) Requirements
The following table lists the district managers who need an informational letter. You will create a database table, report, and query with the following fields and data.
    Employee Number
    Rainier Valley
    115 Rainier Valley Way
    Industrial City
    256 Sunset Drive
    North Central
     12th Middle Ave.
    Black Diamond
    Snohomish Valley
    1123 West St.
    Des Moines
     Industrial City
     1251 Park Dr.
    Rainier Valley
    8164 Lacey Lane
     871 A
ey Road
    Capital Hill
    1192 Park Ave.
    Des Moines
Review the Access projects in your text to set up this database. The name of the database is Washington State Managers by Your First and Last Name. The name of the table you create is District Managers by Your First and Last Name.
The following lists criteria for each specific field. If no criterion is listed, then use the default settings.
· Employee Number has numeric data type and is the primary key
· Last Name has a field size of twenty-five, text data type
· First Name has a field size of eighteen, text data type
· Phone Ext (field size 4) and Zip (field size 5) have a text data type
· State has a field size of two
· Add descriptions to each field
· Best Fit all field widths
Note: The field names as listed above (Employee Number, First Name, etc.) and some data in the records (365 First St.) will be listed on one line when created as an Access table. Also, the records in the final table in Access will not appear in the same order as listed above.
Upon accurately creating the database and the above table, you will complete the following:
1. Create a report using all the fields except Address, State, and Zip
· Name the report District Managers Report by Your First and Last Name
2. Perform a single query with the following criteria:
a. Include the fields Last Name, First Name, Region, City, and Phone Ext
. Query only for those whose region is East; do not show the region in the results
c. Sort by Last Name
d. Save the query as East Region Query by Your First and Last Name
3. Create a form using all the fields
· Name the report Employee Information Form by Your First and Last Name
Worksheet (Excel) Requirements
Create the following Excel worksheet and chart, following the directions in the worksheet below:
Figure 1: Excel component directions and content
Informational Letter (Word) Requirements
This informational letter will include a summary of the information that you are presenting in the PowerPoint presentation. Each manager of the company will receive this informational letter. Create the letter shown on the following page with the guidelines on this page and the information in the text boxes on the letter itself.
Before beginning to keyboard the letter in Word, select the No Spacing button in the Styles group on the Home tab.
Create an appropriate letterhead for your company. The letterhead needs to include an object plus the text as shown. See your textbook for information on inserting pictures.
Insert the cu
ent date in formal business style as shown. Change the date of the event to a date two weeks after the cu
ent date.
Type the text as shown in the following letter. When typing paragraphs, they should wordwrap. Your text may look different due to margin or font size. You may choose the margins and font size for the letter. Also, do not type the text boxes and a
ows shown on the form letter—the text boxes are only additional information for you to read.
Make sure that the entire letter will fit on one page. Also, try to make sure the letter looks balanced on the page, i.e. the top and bottom margins should look fairly equal and the left and right margins should look fairly equal.
You will use the Copy command and the Paste Command in the Clipboard group on the Home tab to create a linked copy of the chart named Managers’ Total Concerns in your letter. You will need your Excel file and your Word file open. The steps to copy and paste are listed below:
1. With the worksheet open in Excel, select the chart. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, select the Copy command.
2. Return to the letter in your Word document, and make sure your insertion point is at the point where you want the chart to be inserted.
3. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, select the down a
ow at the bottom of the Paste button. Select the Use Destination Theme and Link Data option.
4. The chart should be inserted into your document.
Format the chart to be horizontally centered as shown below. Make sure all chart data is visible. (Hint: size chart using the sizing handles.) If all of the data in the legend does not display, select the legend, on the Home tab, in the Font group, decrease the font size until all of the data in the legend appears.
Save this letter as Informational Letter by Your First and Last Name.
When completed, you should carefully proof the letter. Points will be lost for typos.
Figure 2: Word component directions and content
PowerPoint Requirements
The PowerPoint presentation is a summary of your research on your ethical issue. You will create the presentation based on the information you have found on the Web. Summarize the main points of your research articles/information, along with your opinion
ecommendations about the topic. Do not just copy and paste information from the Web—you should paraphrase or summarize the information gathered into your own words. The presentation must have a minimum of 10 slides (but no more than 15 slides), including a title slide and a closing slide.
The PowerPoint presentation should contain the following elements:
· Title slide
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        District        PhoneExt        Region        Address        City        Zip        EmployeeNumber        LastName        FirstName        State
        Rainier Valley        5435        South        115 Rainier Valley Way        Auburn        98042        5194223        Thomason        Stanley        WA
        Industrial City        7353        East        256 Sunset Drive        Wenatchee        98660        2578854        Jacobson        Katrina        WA
        North Central        1412        Central        12th Middle Ave.        Black Diamond        98038        5489793        Rogers        Hunter        WA
        Snohomish Valley        3528        West        1123 West St.        Des Moines        98148        7943587        Johnston        Meagann        WA
        Industrial City        9587        East        1251 Park Dr.        Puyallup        98371        6783542        Williams        Jake        WA
        Rainier Valley        5439        South        South        Tacoma        98402        5824861        Daller        Vickie        WA
        SODO        5853        East        871 A
ey Road        Spokane        98851        4237539        Zenner        Allyson        WA
        Capital Hill        5846        Central        1192 Park Ave.        Des Moines        98354        5787362        Miles        Kannedy        WA
FROM Employee;
SELECT Employee.FirstName, Employee.LastName, Employee.City, Employee.PhoneExt
FROM Employee
WHERE (((Employee.Region)='East'))
ORDER BY Employee.LastName;
FROM Employee;
        Social Media Use
        Total Use
        Region        Instagram        Twitter        Facebook        Snapchat        YouTube        Pinterest        Total Use
        North        846        741        220        453        984        421        3,665
        East        516        694        568        894        857        315        3,844
        West        323        435        169        650        732        188        2,497
        Central        511        231        345        455        541        291        2,374
        Total         2,196        2,101        1,302        2,452        3,114        1,215        12,380
Total Social Media Use
Instagram    Twitter    Facebook    Snapchat    YouTube    Pinterest    2196    2101    1302    2452    3114    1215    
s3873860 - student ID
s3873860 - student ID
password : p19981012!
password : p19981012!
The course we are doing is TCHE 2863 . You have to login https: (this is GD 204 mid year Early childhood Education)
letter head.docx
43 Leah Hill Way, Auburn, WA 98092
March 25, 2018
Dear District Manager:
On June 11, I will be presenting computer ethical information to all district managers about [insert your topic here and
iefly describe your topic in three to four additional sentences.
To those of us at the Green River Corporation,...

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