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Position Paper on Economic and Financial Affairs Council of UK

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Position Pape
Document prepared by delegates prior to conference after research.
Essay that outlines and
iefly describes your country’s position/stance on the agenda.
Helps you organize your information and prepare your opening and later speeches.
Show chairs you’ve researched and successfully turned facts into a strong, country-specific case
A good MUN Position Paper has three parts:
Country’s Position on the Topic
Country’s Relation to the Topic
Proposals of Policies to Pass in a Resolution
What to include in position paper?
Brief intro about your country and its history concerning the issue and committee.
How the issue affects your country?
Specific statistics regarding the issues.
Your country’s policies, and justification on the issue.
Actions taken by your government and other nations’ governments on the issue.
Past resolutions signed
atified by your country regarding the issue.
UN actions supported or opposed by your country on the issue with justification.
What your country believes should be done about the issue?
What your country would like to accomplish in the committee’s resolution?
Getting Started
Don’t be repetitive, too wordy and stick to the point.
Make it well organized with different paragraphs for different sections.
Use credible sources only.
Do your research well.
How to Research?
Start with the background guide.
Know your country
Political scenario
Form of government
Find out your country’s policy:
Speeches( given by country’s leaders)
Programs( what your government has done or is doing about that topic)
Events( hosted or attended an event/UN event)
(resolutions, treaties, laws)
(prepared by government/NGOs/ UN on what the government is doing about the topic) 
Researching the agenda
Build some general context
History( Skim through it)
ent affairs( Spend more time on this)
Stakeholders( which countries , organizations or people are most relevant to the topic)
Location ( which location /countries
ural or u
an areas are more relevant)
Trends( If you’re discussing a war, which side is cu
ently winning)
Past solutions
Proposed solutions
Possible solutions
Credible Sources:
Peer reviewed scholarly journals
Books written by experts.
Country’s official government/ministry websites
UN websites
The UN database for resolutions.
Press conferences given by your country following a UN convention.
World bank
High quality news sources: BBC, The New York times, The New Humanitarian, Al Jazeera
Non-credible sources
Personal websites
Local newspapers
How to do it?
Slowly build a web of tabs outwards of subtopics
Seek understanding and not encyclopedia knowledge( keep your focus on information that you can actually use in speeches or writing clauses)
Speed read and reject unhelpful sources
Make point summary of important points as you go through the research.
Extrapolate if necessary.

Research the country's offical stance
on the given agenda thoroughly
efore writing your position pape
Follow the format ( Font size,
02 spacing length of position paper)
g, \ specified by MUN organization
SZ ol 03 language to convey you
viewpoint effectively
Vy Write a clear and concise
Use facts, statistics,and
examples to make your claim
Proofread your position pape
05 = carefully to eliminate any
grammatical e
ors or typos
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Shubham answered on Jan 14 2024
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Mitigating the Impact of Income Inequality on Economic Growth in the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom, with historic and economic prowess has actively engaged in discussions in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council. It includes economic liberalism and UK provides distinctive perspective on matters that are related to economic and financial affairs. It can help in drawing from rich heritage of Industrial Revolution and global economic influence. The Economic and Financial Affairs Council of United Kingdom has understood the urgency for addressing income inequality for ensuring sustainable economic growth. This paper provides comprehensive statistical analysis about cu
ent state of income inequality in UK. This proposes evidence-based policy recommendations for mitigating impact on economic growth. In the available data from Office for National Statistics, the Gini coefficient for United Kingdom in 2022 is at 0.32 that indicates moderate level of income inequality. The top 1% of income earners in UK command is approximately 15% of national income. It highlights concentration of wealth among small segment of the population. This includes examining regional disparities and the data reveals that as of 2022, the income gap between highest-earning and lowest-earning regions will increase by12% over past five years. It can create regional divergence that are underscores with need for targeted policies. This is required for addressing inequality in national and regional levels.
The analysis of economic performance in last decade demonstrates co
elation between income inequality and overall GDP growth. Countries that are having Gini coefficient below 0.3 have experienced an average...

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