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Policy Paper Examine a policy that influences population health. Your topic MAY explore a (ONE) POLICY issue of cost, access, and quality or ethics in the United States. Topics have ranged from...

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Policy Paper

Examine a policy that influences population health. Your topic MAY explore a (ONE) POLICY issue of cost, access, and quality or ethics in the United States. Topics have ranged from mandatory HIV testing in hospitals, creating a policy that restricts the driving of elders, aspects of the Affordable Care Act, etc.

After selecting a topic, you will conduct a careful evaluation of the impact (or probable impact if this policy doesn’t exist) and the feasibility of alternative policy options. You need to examine and analyze how other states and communities’ policies that are different and possibly more effective.

Your paper should be formatted in APA style that conforms to accepted criteria of professional writing. It should be no more than 3 pages of content (min. of 3 pages of content), which includes a cover page and a reference page, of which at least 3 are professional peer-reviewed journal articles that cannot be older than 10 years.

Please PROOFREAD your papers for typographical errors and grammar. Poor grammar reduces the readability of your paper and will harm your grade.

Safe Assign:

Students will be required to submit the health policy analysis paper through the electronic dropbox called “Safe Assign”. This will allow instructors to evaluate possible violations of the plagiarism policy. If a student is found to have committed plagiarism, the course instructor will provide documentation substantiating the plagiarism and will review this document with the student.

Your paper must discuss each of the following Roman numerated sections:

Cover sheet with your name, class, date and paper title

I. Statement and Significance of the issue and policy II. Related issues and consequences III. Proposals for addressing the issue

IV. Conclusions and Summary

V. References

More Detail:

I. Statement and Significance: Statement and significance of the issue and policy. Identify the health policy and the public health issue it is trying to address. This portion should identify the current policy- what is the current policy and its purpose. Be sure to provide sources and support.

II. Related issues and consequences: Assess the policy. Assess how well it is or isn’t working. This should be supported by research. Describe the pros and cons of this policy and any unintended implications of the policy.

III. Proposals for addressing the issue Conclude the problem and its potential resolution through policy.

IV. Proposals for addressing the issue. Using research identify recommendations for addressing the public health problem through policy. Have any modifications to the policy been suggested.

There should be NO use of the word “I”. This is NOT the place for anecdotal stories or personal references.

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) (
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I. Statement and Significance of the issue and policy
The cu
ent issue here involves HIV, which is that virus damaging one’s immune system. The immune system aids the body in fighting infections. HIV which gets untreated kills and infects CD4 cells. Such immune cells are known as T cells. With time, more the HIV tend to kill CD4 cells, the body has more likeliness towards receiving several types of cancers and infections. Adolescents of 1.6 million aged 10-19 have HIV. They even counted as the remaining 4% out of other populations suffering from HIV with new adult HIV infections being 11%. The AAP (adolescent AIDS program) is one multidisciplinary, model program which strives towards maximising health of young people affected and living with HIV along with youth from LGBTQ and for inspiring them towards reaching their potential at fullest (Pulerwitz et al., 2019). AAP prioritizes upon training the providers serving the minor populations and minority providers. AIDS/HIV tends to affect minority youth affectively where 75% of female and 50% male HIV-positive youth being minorities by ethic
ace. Even LGBTQ youth are burdened with AIDS/HIV disproportionately (Naar, Parsons & Stanton, 2019). Thus, trainings form AAP emphasizes upon the needs of services towards such populations in unique ways.
II. Related issues and consequences
Assessment of this policy will be done with the help of following the guidelines from Affordable Care Act. AAP here provides service as the resource center upon adolescents of AETC (AIDS education and training centre). Such policy helps in providing training which is free from charges by getting support from HRSA. The public policy leader here even has the responsibility towards improving outcomes of youths having vulnerability towards HIV. Thus it provides coverage for those having pre-existing conditions. It follows well when ensuring quality coverage where they provide preventive services. AAP provides routine...

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