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pls go through the requirements

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pls go through the requirements
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Running head: E-commerce business
E-commerce business
E-commerce business
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E-commerce business models    2
E-commerce business will derive revenue (i.e. revenue models)    2
Network and communications infrastructure will be required    3
Applications (hardware and software) will be required to meet specific ecommerce business goals    5
Address security issues    7
Address e-marketing requirements    8
Choice of payment systems will be used    8
Address privacy and other relevant ethical concerns    9
Address legal issues connected with the e-commerce business    10
Address customer service issues    10
Measure the success of your proposal (metrics, tools)    11
References    12
E-commerce business models
Commercial Consumers (BCC): Business consumers are the first and the most common type of e-commerce, also known as B2C mode. In business sales, individual customers are given this type of online business. After 1995, such an expansion began and now it is the one of a common E-commerce. B2C models use clear data from retailers and marketers from different marketing gadgets or tools, so that they may also sell their users to the Internet user.
Business to Business (B2B): B2B (called as the B2B model) are the biggest model of E-commerce and are also based on millions of dollars. Both the buyer and the seller have a business deal between B2B companies, such as a business deal between manufacturers and wholesalers, sellers and retailers. B2B commercial volumes are much higher than B2 C commercial volumes and any other commercial volume (Blastar, Gray-Carlus and Shenzhen, 2018).
E-commerce business will derive revenue (i.e. revenue models)
Advertising model: Advertising expensive models in normal circumstances, advertising advertisements pay for ads in return. Advertisers are ultimately classical topics in the other financial medium except for sales. Although large media company's representatives complain that online advertisements make printing or television advertising lower than earnings, statistics show that the income has increased steadily 3) Advertising is based on the model communication, it is an indirect source of income (Eye and Humor, 2014).
Membership income model: The Affiliate Program is online distributions solution also base on the commission's principles. Merchant declare moreover sell their services and products with commercial websites. This is a per-performance percentage model: Commissions can be used for real income or measurable success
Sales Model: The main benefits and benefits of online clientele goods and services online sellers and retailers and their products are utilization, time saving information, faster information and more. Prices are more competitive. In the case of online sales, there are different models, for example, the market item is a common entry point for most of the suppliers.
Communication fee income model: A company receives an amount based commission for activating or applying transactions. Income is generated through the transaction fees, in which the client pays business fees to the business operator. The company is a market operator that provides customers with a platform for trading (Johnson and Gear, 2013).
Subscription revenue model: Users are required to subscribe to services on regular (daily, monthly or yearly) basis. Many websites link free content with membership of premiums, which are limited to subscribers or subscriber content, are not dependent on subscription fee transaction. Users can use this content anytime, anywhere.
Network and communications infrastructure will be required
Network Requirements:
1. The Load Balance
2. Storage area network (SAN)
3. DNS
4. DMS
5. Switches and Route
6. Firewall
Many corporate networks are now configured as DMUs. DMZ also separates its corporate networks from internet. DMS are safe part where SuperPowerOrg (SPO) can add servers to provide Internet services and utilities (like Web servers) (Khoeurn & Kim, 2017)
Intranet: DMZ also provides network component for those hosts that provide internet service.
These designs protect SuperPowerOrg (SPO) inner hosts because they are not in same network segments, which can be excluded from Hosts. Internally, SuperPowerOrg (SPO) can provide similar services (Web, Mail, File Services, Internal DNS, etc.) for internal use.
Internal network: the rest of the segment creates SuperPowerOrg internal network segmentation this section uses a user machine or partial workstation. These machines ask for data from the Host on Intranets. Growth, laboratory as well as test networks components are included in these lists. Use the firewall among every interior partition to filters traffics to offers extra protection among the departments (Kukanan, 2011).
Firewall Configurations: Additionally to typical packets filtering elements, most firewall are also provide protection from IP spoofing. Use IP spoofing protection whenever possible
Mobile user: If SuperPowerOrg have a remote or mobile user, note how they have access to the facility. Are they such facilities that they cannot afford? What kind of security strategy do SuperPowerOrg need to address? Do SuperPowerOrg Need SSL for Authentication? In addition, check that SuperPowerOrg mobile user population is stable or is expected to grow over time The Internet allows connecting people around the world to be cheaper and reliable. As technology infrastructures, they are world-wide compilation of connected network to shared data with general sets of protocol. In addition, as the large network of the people furthermore data, Internet are a promoter of E-commerce because it also allows companies to display as well as sell their goods or the products and also online services or potential customers, potential customers or businesses with these services to provide partners and to buy their products and services (Lee, 2013).
Applications (hardware and software) will be required to meet specific ecommerce business goals
There is a lot of technology needed to build up E-commerce stores or to successful run online company hardware and...

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