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Please write a 4 page book report about "Personal debt invading your life." please add citations and have good grammar

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Please write a 4 page book report about "Personal debt invading your life." please add citations and have good grammar
Answered 1 days After Oct 18, 2022


Rochak answered on Oct 20 2022
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Personal debt invading your life
Debt is a term which is refe
ed to as evil by some and good by others, but the real thing is that if it starts taking your life then debt is evil, but if you are using debt quite well then it is a good friend to you which can support you to take big decisions in life and make big returns. Overall, learning to handle debt is required to make it your friend (Hamilton 2009).
Also, not all debts are bad and therefore we will see the concept of ‘Good Debt’ and ‘Bad Debt’ in the coming sections.
Why is debt taken?
Debt is unpleasant but the reason an individual takes debt is to fulfil his cu
ent needs which cannot be fulfilled by his cu
ent savings or earnings. The other reason for an individual to take debt is that he/she wants to do something and for that opportunity, he needs the money which he/she does not have right now (Calkins).
Debt is also taken to make sure that the necessities are fulfilled.
Unpleasant Debt
Debt is an unpleasant part of personal finance which we talk about because this is something which can get out of hand and bite all your finances and control you have over your finances. But overall debt has become a part of our life and therefore it cannot be ignored but keeping debt under control is what is required. There is a concepts of ‘Good Debt’ and ‘Bad Debt’, let’s understand that.
    Good Debt
Good debt is the debt which makes money, that is you took this debt to make money out of an opportunity which you cannot lose out because of the investment return, So, any debt which helps in generating more income than the usual return is good.
Examples of good debt can be ‘Home Loans’ which are available at cheap rates than all the...

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