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Please write (500) words total, on the prompts within the instructions. Note that this assignment will be on/regarding a small business: LaTina's Style of Elegance. American English spelling, please.

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Reflect on the journey of you & the Client’s societal position and view of work.
1. Consider how you have the agency to influence the client’s business plan outcomes. How does the client have agency? How do you and your clients’ social position influence this agency?
2. How might the client contribute well to the greater societal / community through their business venture?
    LaTina’s Style of Elegance
A black own business that caters to plus size women.
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Typed, heading of the assignment centered at the top, all are approximately 500 words long and must observe the following format:  12-point font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman Font, single-spaced. References are not expected for this assignment. American-English spelling.
Answered 2 days After May 09, 2023


Deblina answered on May 12 2023
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The prospect of influencing the outcomes of the client’s business plan can be made effective with valuable inside and recommendations based on the executives and experience to help the client to make inform the decisions. In this aspect the client also has an agency in the sense that they are ultimately having the final say in how they want to run their businesses and choose to accept or reject the recommendations and they have the power to make their own decisions. In terms of the social positions, it is effective that the client can effectively influence the society and have significant impact on the society. La Tina's Style of elegance can contribute well to the greater societal or community through their businesses venture by providing a much-needed service for class size women who often struggle to find stylish and affordable clothing options. By catering to this on dissolved market the organisation can help to promote the body positivity and inclusivity which can...

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