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‘Influence of leadership style on salesperson productivity: a study of international artisanal organisations`. According to Obisi, (1996), ‘organizations need qualified leaders; leaders who evolve to...

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‘Influence of leadership style on salesperson productivity: a study of international artisanal organisations`.
According to Obisi, (1996), ‘organizations need qualified leaders; leaders who evolve to perform consistently within organizations’. Browne, (1949, 1950), produced a series of studies on executive leadership, understanding the social thematic issues that were created by the leaders. Browne’s sociometric research into the relationship amongst tire and ru
er company leaders, and his ability to present the findings in such a scientific way, was truly the beginning of deeper understanding and the catalyst for more rigorous and scientifically presented leadership research.
The aim of this paper is to present a draft plan for analysis of the research topic. As such, I set out the questions that drive the proposals objectives, how the data will be collected analysed and presented to the field. Moreover, this plan seeks to further critique and understand why the proposed tools were selected over other options and potential limitations in the plan.
Proposal Construct and Justification
· How is the analysis and presentation directly connected to the topic? Furthermore, how is the data collected, analysed, and displayed to the field in a way that is relative and logical in approach whilst also systematically drawing a strong conclusion?
· What does my data analysis and presentation tell the reader and how will this translate as a value proposition to the field?
· Why is the plan the most effective over other potential options?
Collection & Analysis of Data
I aim to execute a sequential explanatory design that employs a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. Although the collection of data will be mainly observed through questionnaires and therefore yielding a more quantifiable type of data, I will incorporate interviews to produce the qualitative aspect of the study. As such and from a justification perspective, I believe that this triangulation will lead my research to a place of self-verification through cross examination of the combined research methods. Moreover, respective of the sequential approach, priority will be given to the quantitative data. I will then use the qualitative data gained through interviews to interpret and support my findings in the quantitative study. Comparatively, the exploratory design would have required qualitative methods to be deployed first and then the quantitative. This would not have worked as the quantitative data is the main proportion of the findings, supported by the qualitative interviews. Moreover, practically I see that it will take some time to retrieve all the questionnaires from respondents and therefore priority must be given.
My research aims to be inductive in nature, results to the questions will be obtained in the main through primary data collection as the data will be original and solely for the purpose of this research topic. However, secondary data may be called upon and utilised to further support arguments throughout the paper(Easte
y-Smith et al, 2012).
Presentation Format of Data Collected
Data will be presented in such a way that elevates a co
elation between leadership style and productivity of the salesperson. Moreover, and with the aim of excluding the possibility of misinterpretation, I will use visual aids so that the reader is not challenged to extract the papers value and instead, a logical and methodical display of findings is produced.
Suggested Plan Analysis
Comparatively, the studies data collection and presentation, could have taken alternative approaches that may have ha
oured different possibilities and challenges. Firstly, the study could have been much more secondary in data utilisation and therefore deductive in offering. I believe that that outstanding papers are driven from a place of value and usefulness to the reader and field as a whole and therefore the generation of new theory and knowledge through an inductive approach was the only option. I see the main challenges for the research from a practical perspective will come from time constraints and respondent cooperation. I am to combat this through my structured time data collection management plan
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I want to analyze the relationship between leadership style and productivity of the salesperson. Here dependent variable is productivity of the salesperson and independent variable is leadership style. Productivity of the salesperson is a continuous variable which is measured on ratio scale of measurement. Leadership style is measured on nominal scale of measurement as it is categorical.
I use the technique of one way ANOVA to test if there is any significant difference in the mean productivity of the salesperson for different styles of...

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