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Case Study: You have just joined Ingenious Design and Solutions as an IoT Network Design Engineer. Your first project is to setup an IoT Smart Office. Ingenious Design and Solutions has 2 offices. The...

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Case Study: You have just joined Ingenious Design and Solutions as an IoT Network Design Engineer.  Your first project is to setup an IoT Smart Office.   Ingenious Design and Solutions has 2 offices. The main office is located in Sydney and the other at Bathurst.  As a part of the project you are expected to create a smart office in Sydney with the criteria and devices given below.
The Main Smart Office at Sydney includes, but is not limited to the following smart devices all connected to the office wireless router:
· Ceiling Fan
· Windows (3 Numbers )
· Front Doo
· Motion Detecto
· Lawn Sprinkler System
· Smoke Detecto
· Temperature Monito
· Wind Speed Detecto
The above smart devices are in the main office at Sydney. All the devices are connected through the office wireless router to the modem which in turn is connected to the Internet via the ISP Satras to the Remote Sever through the company’s cloud cluster run by Sky servers.  All the devices are registered on to the Remote Server. These devices should be controlled locally by a Tablet which is also connected to the wireless network.
Ensure that you add all necessary screenshots and embed your packet tracer file with the documentation to be presented to the manager for project approval.
Build and configure a smart office. (Refer to the file in the Student Resources Folder ITC560_Assignment_2_Help_file). Start the smart office from the basic file available from the link: https: 
Save the file as StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt (using your own student ID and first name).
All screenshots for each step with a
ief explanation must be included in the document. Once the Assignment is complete, the student must embed the packet tracer file in the word document as StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt and display as an icon. The word document with all screenshots and packet tracer file should be submitted.
Sydney Smart Office Design:
1. Add, connect, enable and configure the registration server, tablet and wireless router as shown in Figure 1 below. (2 marks)
2 a. Add, configure the smart devices mentioned in the case study and name these as given in Figure 1 below. Note that these devices should be wirelessly connected to a wireless router and should be encrypted using AES by using WPA-PSK (the pass phrase must only be your student ID). (2 marks)
2 b. Connect and activate the devices with username and password (use your for both Student ID). This is to ensure a unique login to the smart network. This is one of the most important requirements of the client. (2 Marks)
3. Set up all the smart device attributes through the tablet web
owser for the devices to work as shown in Figure 1 below. (4 marks)
Figure 1: Sydney Smart Office
4. Show the protocols that are used in transmitting a simple PDU from the tablet to the remote server (by going to the simulation mode) and record all the protocols that are used for transmission of the simple PDU when the packet is: (3 marks)
· in progress; and
· successfully delivered.
Control Sydney office Smart IoT Devices from Bathurst Office:
Figure 2: Control Smart Devices in Sydney Office from Bathurst Office
5. Add a new
anch office at Bathurst. Either, use the same tablet you used for control in the Sydney office or use your smart phone and connect to the Remote Server you have set up earlier. You can use any connecting and intermediary devices of your choice. (5 marks)
6. Log on to the web
owser on your tablet/smart phone and manage the devices as given below. Using the same tablet or new smart phone: (7 marks)
· Turn off the Sprinkle
· Turn off the ceiling fan
· Lock the doo
· Close Window1 and Window2 when the ca
on monoxide or ca
on dioxide levels outside go high
· Unlock Window3 when the CO2 level inside the office increases
· Turn on the smoke alarm
· Turn on the motion detecto
· Turn on the wind detecto
Embed the StudentID_Firstname_ITC560.pkt file into the word document, display as an icon and document your work to be presented to your manager. The word file with packet tracer file embedded should be submitted on Turnitin. 
Your assessment should be submitted in either MS Word or PDF format (PDF usually preserves the formatting, MS Word may not - submit ONLY one). Do not submit your assignment in any other format and also do not submit multiple copies of the assessment. Use A4 page size with Times New Roman/Arial/Cali
i font and use font size 11 or 12. Please include a title, your student ID and name with your submission. Your name should also be included as a footnote, with page numbers in your document.
All textual elements within an assessment must be submitted in a format that is readable by Turnitin. Specific exceptions, where an assessment requires the insertion of image based evidence of workings will be outlined in the context of the assessment. Students that deliberately attempt to insert content of assessments in a format that is not readable by Turnitin may be subject to Academic Misconduct investigations.
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Table of Contents
a)    Part-1    3
)    Solution-1: Required screen developed in packet tracer    3
c)    Solution -2a: Required configuration of all connected devices    4
d)    Solution -2b: Required connections to devices and registration server    9
e)    Solution-3: Required screen developed in packet tracer    9
f)    Solution - 4: Screens showing required details of PDU information    10
g)    Part-II    11
h)    Solution - 5: Required screen developed in packet tracer for

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