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Please i need a reflection paper on this course. Pls write the reflection based on the course outcomes below. Thanks! N518 Advanced Physical Assessment This graduate level course focuses on advanced...

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Please i need a reflection paper on this course. Pls write the reflection based on the course outcomes below. Thanks!

N518 Advanced Physical Assessment

This graduate level course focuses on advanced health/physical assessment and includes the comprehensive history, physical, and psychological assessment of signs and symptoms, pathophysiologic changes, and psychosocial variations of the patient (individual, family, or community). This course will prepare students to function in advanced practice and nurse educator roles by providing an in-depth knowledge of core general assessment content, in addition to geriatric, pediatric, genetic, social, cultural, and community-specific needs. Additionally, this course will address assessment needs of patients and communities impacted by emergencies and disasters. Appropriate screening and diagnostic testing methods will also be included. Content knowledge will be reinforced through a series of virtual reality patient encounter simulations. This will culminate with a precepted virtual reality comprehensive physical assessment.

Course Goals:

By the conclusion of this course, student will be able to:

  1. Demonstratesound critical thinking and clinical decision making;
  2. Developa comprehensive database, including complete functional assessment, health history, physical examination, and appropriate diagnostic testing;
  3. Performa risk assessment of the patient including the assessment of lifestyle and other risk factors;
  4. Analyzeramifications of common mental health illnesses on the patient, family, and community;
  5. Describebasic laboratory tests and interpret laboratory and diagnostic data;
  6. Correlateassessment findings to underlying pathology or physiologic changes;
  7. Establisha differential diagnosis based on the assessment data;
  8. Developan effective and appropriate plan of care for the patient that takes into consideration life circumstance and cultural, ethnic, and developmental variations;
  9. Satisfactorilycompletethe Advanced Physical Assessment Program by demonstrating correct full body simulated assessment;
  10. Assessandplancare including the disaster preparedness for health care of the community and individual patients; and
  11. Work collaborativelywith other health professionals to assist in educatingand improving quality of care and health outcomes.
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Ritika answered on Apr 24 2020
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The graduate level course on N518 Advanced Physical Assessment was indeed a great learning experience for me. Right from understanding the comprehensive history and psychological signs or symptoms of patients, family members in the community to identifying the psychosocial variations that may arise in a patient. All of these require proper knowledge and professional training as a nurse or a medical educator. The course too has been designed in such a way so that genetic, pediatric, social and cultural needs of the people can be met without any issues. The course also highlights key aspects such as handling patients and communities who tend to be effected by kind of trauma or disaster that they had already faced in the earlier experience or even during any kind of emergency.
This course also had a lot of challenges in terms of situational examples and case studies that were provided for...

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