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Swinburne University of Technology INF60010 Requirement Analysis Report Due on Monday 28th May. 2018 AEST ASSESSMENT TASK Three – Critical Thinking Reflection Essay on Selected Topic Essay Value 10%...

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Swinburne University of Technology
INF60010 Requirement Analysis Report
Due on Monday 28th May. 2018 AEST
ASSESSMENT TASK Three – Critical Thinking Reflection Essay on Selected Topic
Essay Value 10%

Submission Requirements:

Essay format and structure – Has appropriate structure, inc Title, Cover sheet, Reference List, Footer,
Header, Page Number…
Are all sources referenced co
ectly and listed appropiately both in the body of the paper and reference
section. Reference, not Bibliography
Does the paper use plain English to make the text and content easier to read and understand?
Has the paper been spell-checked and proof read? Academic writing skill? 10


Does the essay include a suitable title which reflects the topic? 5
Within word expectation, does the essay includes clear Introduction and Conclusion?
• Introduction: tells the reader how the author has interpreted the topic and how the essay is
structured. It should also provide information on the scope and boundaries of the essay.
• Conclusion: to sum up your essay (main arguments, ideas or perspectives), avoid new things
Indepth analysis and discussion of the arguments, ideas and perspectives (level of quality)
• Follow a logical structure in the main body to build your argument or develop your ideas.
• Use evidence from your reading and examples to support your idea.
• Ensure that there is only one main idea in each paragraph.
• Link each paragraph to the next one.
• Avoid using dot points.
Does the essay answer questions (level of quality)? 10
Overall Effort and value of essay (methodical, indepth, logical and clarity of discussio) 10

Total Mark Obtained: 100
Final Mark (essay):
Sub Total for this assessment task is the Total Mark Obtained * XXXXXXXXXX%) 10

Overall comments:
Answered Same Day May 26, 2020 INF60010 Swinburne University of Technology


Akansha answered on May 29 2020
148 Votes
agile development methodologies-The Case of VCI
The VCI Company who is involved in the development of the online theme park will need to adhere or follow a structured software development lifecycle or SDLC model. Before selecting the ideal approach the organization needs to critically evaluate and analyze the key requirements of the project and then select an SDLC approach that best suits the project requirements. There are several SDLC model that the organization can opt for, agile development being the most prefe
ed amongst the same. Agile development methodology focuses on the idea of promoting the continuous iterations or cycles of product development and testing, during the SDLC or software development lifecycle. (Rauchenberger, Little and Montana, 2013) Under the Agile development methodology, the development and testing activities are executed on the concu
ent or parallel basis, unlike other SDLC models where the activities are conducted sequentially. This essay intends to outline three key agile development methodologies and their key concepts. Thereafter the essay intends to analyze and then select the most prefe
ed development approach for the VCI Virtual Child International Case study or project.
Analysis of different agile development methodologies:
While the approach used by all the agile development methodologies is different or unique, yet the core focus or vision behind each agile methodology is same and consistent with the Agile Manifesto approach. On fundamental grounds, each methodology is used in multiple iteration models coupled with a feedback structure. The continuous feedback provides the user input to the development model in order to continuously refine used approach. (Higuchi and Nakano, 2017) Each methodology uses continuous planning, execution, testing and integration activities in order to evolve the project with every iteration.
Another notable feature of the Agile development methodology is the lightweight nature of the approach in comparison to any sequential model like waterfall style. Additionally, the Agile model also allows the organization, project team or any other stakeholder associated with the project to collaborate and work together on parallel grounds for a quick and effective project turnaround. Let us discuss the three key Agile methodologies used for Software development.
Scrum Agile...

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