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Assignment Content: Top of Form Assessment Task: Review the literature on the theoretical approaches to clinical consultation. Write a report of 2500 words outlining the model/s that best align with...

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Assignment Content:
Top of Form
Review the literature on the theoretical approaches to clinical consultation. Write a report of 2500 words outlining the model/s that best align with nursing practice. Construct a model of nursing consultation based on theoretical constructs you believe most useful.  
You may use the following template to construct your report. 
Bottom of Form

Microsoft Word - HEA-561-Assessment_1_template.docx
HEA561    Assessment    1    
Review the literature on the theoretical approaches to clinical consultation. Write a
eport of 2500 words outlining the model/s that best align with nursing practice.
Construct a model of nursing consultation based on the theoretical constructs you
elieve most useful.
You may use the following template to construct your report.

Content Word count
Abstract Provide an overview of your report. Include information
on background, methods, findings, and implications for
200 words
Table of Contents Include a list of the major and minor sections of your
eport. (this can be done automatically in Word)
As required
Introduction Provide background information about the topic. State
the aim/purpose of the report.
Main Body Organise the sections in a logical sequence. Use short
informative headings and subheadings. Include your
consultation model in diagrammatic form in this
Conclusion Provide a summary of your findings? What are the
implications for practice?
Recommendations Provide a recommend course of action. Include any
limitations of your investigation.
References Provide a list of all the sources you used. Use APA style. As required
Appendices Include any information (graphs, charts, tables or other
data) you used in your report but did not include in the
If required
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Pratyusha answered on Aug 13 2021
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Running Head: LITERATURE REVIEW        1
There has been adoption and implications of various consultation models in order to
ing out better nursing practice in healthcare organisations. Amongst them, the ethics of care approach has been considered the most appropriate consultation model applicable for the nurses. In the critical situations of ethical dilemmas, which can be morally distressing for the nurses, a proper approach to define and address the problem after finding it to be considerable, as an ethical case, needs the proper balance of consciousness as well as of sufficient knowledge regarding the nursing ethics.
The proper identification and addressing of an ethical problem after considering a number of other factors by the nurses, understanding the gravity of the situation and derivation to a final decision keeping into considerations regarding the nurse-patient relationship is what the ethics of care approach as a consultation model intends to establish. In this literature review, we will give a background of the evolution of various consultation models and a detailed representation of the ethics of Care Approach Consultation Model in nursing and establishing why it can be considered as the most appropriate consultation model applicable for the nurses and even few of its drawbacks while comparing with another consultation model.
Table of Contents
Abstract    2
Introduction    4
Consultation Models in Medical Practice and their Evolution    4
Consultation Model Appropriate for Nursing Practice: Ethics of Care Approach    6
Steps for Achieving Ethics of Care Approach in Nursing Practice    7
Existence of Moral Dilemmas in Nursing Practice    9
Conclusion    10
Recommendations    11
References    13
The purpose of the report is to improvise the nursing approaches towards the patient care by the theoretical approaches to clinical consultation. For their improvised approaches in dealing with the patients and the rest of the medical team such as the physicians and other health workers, effective communication skills by the nurses is an absolute necessity. It is required for the
inging out of their team contribution in their work environment along with the effective care towards the patients as a whole.
Over the last decade, there have been numerous implications of the teaching of proper communication skills in the undergraduate education for students to take part in the future healthcare services in order to
ing out an evolution in the medical culture being practised previously and increase their quality of service towards the patients adding on their innate and learned capabilities. There have been researches conducted on the same field in order to improvise the patient-centred approach of the medical team and in the last few years various consultation models have been developed and the ways and means, in which the psychosocial and biomedical approaches joined together for the overall development of physical and mental well-being of the patients.
These models are followed and implied by the medical team such as physicians and nurses according to their own flexibility and using the elements of these various methods both while consulting the patients as well as while analysing their interactions. From the viewpoint of the nurses, it provides the basis of a two-way interaction of the nurses with patients and the nurses with the doctors in order to cater their needs properly.
Consultation Models in Medical Practice and their Evolution
    The development of the consultation models are the different ways in the nurses and physicians face their daily challenges and gain experience from the same. According to Hamric and Epstein (2017), the consultation models and their evolution have been strategically proven exceptional in dealing with the distressful situations and a proper representation of the problem, which is the need for the hour. Every consultation model have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is necessary for the nurse or physician to scrutinise the case properly and then apply the consultation model, which can be best suitable in that scenario for a particular case.
For example, as supported by Pawlikowska, Leach, Lavallee, Charlton and Piercy (2007), a more of the health promotion in a model requires dealing with a teenager who is in need of a contraceptive than an old woman who in her first meeting reports tiredness and thus might predicted to be suffering from depression. The consultations, which we refer to while dealing with each cases needs to be comfortable, adequate and satisfactory in addressing the patient’s problem and provide general guidelines, according to which it can be mitigated to the most. One might address the problem, which exists in the human system by looking at the present sets of symptoms related to the disease such as chest pain for cardiovascular diseases, but complete exploration of the background is necessary to know regarding the cause of the problems.
It might be such a case that a teenager, who is suffering from depression out of any particular reason, has gone out of habit and started taking any toxic substance in order to relieve from the distress. This is actually hampering the physical health resulting into impairment of any organ and hence treatment of any particular organ or just externally will not actually solve the problem. The actual cause of the problem needs to be particularly scrutinised and treatment after that will be helpful in particular. In such cases as the actual cause are the depression, the nurses and...

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