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Akansha answered on May 30 2020
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VCI or the Virtual Child International aims to develop a project for the school children that can serve as a Virtual or Digital theme park for the children. The core focus of this essay is to understand the scope of this project and then recommend the best suited Agile Software development approach for the project. For the purpose, the essay will initially study three different Agile development approaches and thereafter recommend the best-suited approach for the project.
Agile Development
Agile Software development methodology is usually the ideal choice for software developers following its capability to address the core requirements of the users with the help of continuous feedbacks and reviews. The Agile development methodology is based on the iteration based approach and at the end of each such iteration, the user reviews and feedbacks are accounted to serve as the input for each successive iteration. (Higuchi and Nakano, 2017) Following are the most commonly used Agile development methodologies:
Agile Methodologies
Dynamic Software development Model or DSDM model
Dynamic Software development model of DSDM is an Agile Development methodology based on Rapid Development method or approach. DSDM uses iterative modeling where a working system representation or prototype is prepared after the end of each iteration of development. (Morien, 2018) The key target of the DSDM agile development methodology is to deliver multiple product prototypes frequently with each having an extended set of functionalities. The delivered prototype is then reviewed by the clients for the required set of modifications which are then addressed in the next iterations along with the new set of requirements. (Higuchi and Nakano, 2017)
The DSDM methodology uses the following the 7 phases as the core of its operations.
· Requirement Analysis and planning prior to the project commencement.
· Conducting a feasibility study of the requirements collected by the users.
· Conducting an analysis of the requirements from the perspective of the business.
· Prepare an initial functional model or Iteration.

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