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please check the file attached below
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Akansha answered on May 30 2020
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use of agile development methodologies in virtual child International project
Project Case:
The Virtual Child International has proposed the development of an online application or software that will imitate a theme park for the school children. Using this online portal the students will be able to spend productive time after their schooling hours and gain crucial knowledge and information along with fun activities.
As any other software or IT project, this project needs to follow a structured SDLC process or Software Development Lifecycle. Generally, the Agile development methodology or SDLC process is considered as an ideal selection for software development following its ability to address the improvement oriented modification or updates in the software’ requirement set. The methodology follows a continuous development or iterative development structure where all the activities like planning, implementation, testing, and development are ca
ied out on an iterative basis. The Agile methodology is also being refe
ed as test-based development following its ability to conduct testing and development activities on the concu
ent or parallel basis. (Higuchi and Nakano, 2017)
The key aim of this essay is to analyze the three main development methods or models followed under the Agile development methodology for Software Development. Following the description of the three methodologies, the essay will then suggest the best-suited approach for the development of VCI project on the basis of the nature of the project.
Agile Development Methodologies:
The core focus of the Agile Development methodologies is to ensure continuous improvement in the project development through the use of regular feedbacks, suggestions, and inputs regarding the possible scope of improvement in the project. The methodologies use an iterative approach where a product is prepared at the end of every iteration of the model. Each such product has a limited set of functionalities which grow with every successful product or release. (Rauchenberger, Little, and Montana, 2013) The activities like planning, execution, testing, and integration are conducted on a sequential basis during every iteration, consistent with any other SDLC model.
Following is a description of the top 3 Agile Development methodologies that can help in building the VCI project with high level of efficiency.
Dynamic Software development Model or DSDM model
DSDM is an Agile Development methodology that focuses on the idea Rapid...

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