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Please answershortly, one paragraph for each part is enough.Part I:It is related to the chapter 9 from the textbook: How do supply chain management systems coordinate...

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Please answershortly, one paragraph for each part is enough.Part I:It is related to the chapter 9 from the textbook:
How do supply chain management systems coordinate planning, production,
and logistics with suppliers?
Please provide an example include the link for the company you are highlighting in this answer.
Part II:Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 from the textbook:
Please post one outside article and your comments. Pick anything in Chapter 9 or Chapter 10 that you can find referenced in a real news outlet and describe what you found. Provide the link. Something you think relates to either of the chapter materials. Please reference your source or include it here and explain the importance of your article.
You can begin your critique by giving a short summary in two to three sentences of what the article is about. I am looking for a well-crafted, logical set of viewpoints. I expect that whatever you submit will be original material. If you include material from the source article or from any other sources, include it in quotation marks and note the full and precise citation at the bottom of the critique.
Part III: Find an ERP failure whether in a company, a state, an agency, a utility or any company. Explain what happened, what did they do, how much did it cost, how long did it take and any other interesting information. Provide the link about the failure. Then respond to two other students posts. No duplicates. Examples, Hersey chocolate company was almost destroyed but a failed ERP implementation.
Part IV:It is all about the chapters 10 from textbook:
Explain what you were able to derive from the chapters opening profile about Uber.
Why are they successful, what other innovations have they started to meet a unique market, what are some of their challenges?
Part V:Chapter 10 Interactive Session: Peopletextbook:
Getting Social with customers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media for advertising, brand building, market research, and customer service? Give an example
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Management System
Management System
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        Part I
The purchase of supply chain materials, raw material conversion and manufactured products in central products and defined as distribution of product and business process networks to customer's organizations. It provides goods and services to the suppliers, production plants, distribution centers, retail stores and commodity sources. Supply chain management integrates the need for a provider, distributor, and customer in an overall process. Supply Chain Management system automates the flow of information from the supply chain members so that they can use it to make better decisions about how to buy, manufacture, or ship. The more precise information about supply chain management systems reduces the effect of uncertainty and compulsion. Bulge effect occurs when information about product demand goes beyond one supply chain to a complete supply chain. This can also come from "games" because the buyer's cu
ent producer or supplier is a false idea of ​​customer's demand. When all participants in the supply chain gain accurate and updated information, reducing the supply of this problem reduces the demand for uncertainty (Kenneth & p, 2016). The SCM software includes SCP and SCE Software. Internet technology encourages management of global supply chain by sharing information about supply chain by providing connections to organizations from different countries (Smith, 2018). The improvement in communication between members of the supply chain also contributes to the efficiency of the customers and varies in demand-based model. The supply chain planning system enables the company to produce demand estimates of the product and develops purchasing and production plans for the product.
Part II
I select topic from Chapter 9 how Enterprise Systems (ES) support businesses to achieve the operational excellence. In this article, the author concludes that ES is based on an integrated set of the software modules moreover a central database. Database collects information from the data and provides the data to several applications that can support business actions within almost all of the organization. When a process enters data, the data is immediately available to business processes. From this article, I found that ES support organizational focus by implementing uniform business processes (Mo
is, 2011). The author's conclusion is that enterprise systems support...

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