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Vinay answered on Jun 22 2021
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Develop an arena model; make a map or queue of cu
ent process out in a conceptual format that the store manager understands.
· “To be able to define and explain the key elements of process-oriented simulations.
· To be able to identify entities and their attributes and use them within Arena
· To be able to identify, define, and use variables within Arena
· To be able to use Arena to perform basic input/output operations
· To be able to program flow of control within an Arena model.
· To be able to understand the programming aspects of Arena including debugging.
· To be able to understand and model shared resources.
· To be able to understand and model the batching and separation of entities”(Kelton & Sadowski, 1998)
Elements of process-oriented simulation
“You like to eat sandwiches at an institution. Lately, you've noticed that your processes seem delayed with long queues during the hours of 11am to 1pm. As a customer and knowledgeable about the science of choice, you are sure that customers a
ive exponentially every five minutes.
This method at this sub Sandwich search appears easy, wherever the method is completed in an exceedingly serial fashion. as an example, the order is taken, the sandwich is created, and either given to the client at...

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