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Recruitment and Selection
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Introduction    2
Critical Evaluation of the Purpose of HRM    2
Purpose    2
Strengths of Recruitment and Selection procedures    3
Weaknesses of Recruitment and Selection Procedures    4
Critical Evaluation of Recruitment and Selection Procedure at McDonalds    5
Factors Affecting the HR Related Decision-Making Processes    7
Conclusion    8
References    9
Leadership is considered as one of the greatest strategies for the management of the employees that is followed by most of the organizations. The leadership process helps in enhancing the employee's assistance that provides the employees with the knowledge about the roles and responsibilities they have to play in the organization. The success of an organization is based on the performance of its employees and the process followed in recruitment, selection and training of the human capital developed by Human Resource Management Department. The main idea behind the Human Resources Department in an organization is to develop the human capital for the organization through right selection, recruitment, and training procedures and find the right candidate for the right job. The right human capital sources act as the advantage to the organization increasing the competitive advantage of the organization against its competitors. The report presented here will summarize the findings related to the Human Resources Management and related aspects taking the example of companies who have successfully employed the idea for achieving the organizational goals and competitive advantage against its competitors (Kokemuller, 2017). To understand the concept of the recruitment and selection procedure at a practical level the example of McDonald's will be taken.
Critical Evaluation of the Purpose of HRM
Recruitment and Selection procedures are the foundation process of the HRM. The process of recruitment and selection is considered to be very sensitive as in this; managers have to hire the new employee and demands strict monitoring during the process. They are also considered as the most crucial functions need to be handled under personnel management. These processes can be handled internally or externally and involve various phases of advertising the job, application process, candidate evaluation and shortlisting, legal formalities, and training. The ultimate aim of the whole process is to find the right candidate for the right job. In the first part that is recruitment, the attracting, shortlisting, and selection of the qualified candidate for the organizational needs are done. The selection process is choosing the best candidate for the shortlisted ones and offering them the job and training them to make them compatible with the organizational needs (Mankikar, 2012).
Strengths of Recruitment and Selection procedures
Recruitment and selection procedures are an important aspect of the whole HRM. The strengths or the benefits the procedures provide to the organization are as follows: -
· Strong candidates- The process of recruitment is used to ensure connection with qualified applicants. Various sources used for the purpose includes Newspaper, career fairs,
oadcast media, job boards, and company websites. With effective and co
ect sources, the company could enjoy the benefit of the qualified and talented pool of employees (Benjamin, 2018).
· Accurate Screenings- the process of selection includes a complete screening process like interview, test, and other evaluation procedure to test the qualifications and skills of the candidate. The person with best skills and qualification can be selected for the job.
· Proactive Strategic Alignment- it is a proactive and strategic approach to find the talent as compared to tradition HR approaches. An alignment is developed with the SHRM with the recruitment and selection procedure that ensures to define the company's need for talent and then find the right candidate for it.
· High Moral and Reduced Turnover- If right candidate is selected for the right job then the company and employee both find satisfaction in the process. This leads to the increased morale of the employees and reduced employee turnover for the...

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