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Participant Guide Assessment 2 of 2 Portfolio of Evidence – Preparation and delivery E1066 Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSBCMM401 Make a presentation Student name: XXXXXX Student number: XXXXXX...

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Participant Guide
Assessment 2 of 2
Portfolio of Evidence – Preparation and delivery
E1066 Diploma of Work Health and Safety
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
Student name: XXXXXX
Student number: XXXXXX
Assessment number: 32356/02
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Competency details
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation
This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to prepare, deliver and review a presentation to a target audience.
This unit applies to individuals who may be expected to make presentations for a range of purposes, such as marketing, training and promotions. They contribute well-developed communication skills in presenting a range of concepts and ideas.
Note: The terms 'occupational health and safety' (OHS) and 'work health and safety' (WHS) are equivalent and generally either can be used in the workplace. In jurisdictions where the Model WHS Legislation has not been implemented Registered Training Organisations are advised to contextualise the unit of competency by refe
ing to the existing State/Te
itory OHS legislative requirements.
Assessment outline
All assessment tasks must be completed successfully to pass the unit.
    Assessment task
    Word limit
    1: Auto-mark quiz
    2: Portfolio of Evidence – Preparation, delivery and evaluation
    1,600 + Evidence requirement
There are two assessments for this unit:
1. online quiz questions
2. develop a presentation, conduct delivery and evaluate performance
Once you feel confident that you have covered the learning materials for this unit, you are ready to attempt this assessment. Write your assessment in a commonly used software program such as Microsoft Word, or you can download a Microsoft Word copy of this assessment from the relevant study period of your course in OpenSpace.
To help Open Colleges manage your assessment, please use the following file-naming convention when you save your Microsoft Word document. Your submission for each assessment must be incorporated into one file.
Your file should be named and saved to your computer’s hard drive using your [student number]_[assessment number].docx
For example, 12345678_21850a_01.docx
Assessment submission
When you are ready to submit your assessment, upload the file in OpenSpace using the ‘Assessment upload’ links in the relevant study period of your course.
Uploading assessments in OpenSpace will enable Open Colleges to provide you with the fastest feedback and grading on your assessment.
Please ensure that you keep a copy of all electronic and hard copy assessments you submit to Open Colleges.
Assessment 2: Preparation, delivery and evaluation
Assessment description
Develop a presentation and conduct delivery.
You are required to complete these assessments with reference to the Le Del
ock Hotel Case Study provided in ‘Additional Resources’ or based on your own workplace.
Your portfolio of evidence must include each of the parts specified below.
    Part A
    Plan for your presentation by completing the Presentation plan
    Part B
    Create a Communication plan to communicate roles and responsibilities to others
    Part C
    Create a presentation using PowerPoint or simila
    Part D
    Deliver your presentation to an audience and seek feedback
    Part E
    Create an Evaluation report
You have been integral in the development and implementation all areas of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS). As part of your role, you are responsible for providing the work teams with relevant information on WHS utilising various methods of communication, including the delivery of presentations on specific WHS topics.
You have been approached by your direct Manager who has requested that you develop a presentation on Hazard Identification which you must present in sessions to all staff in all departments of the workplace. Whilst an overview of this area of WHS was provided at the team inductions, it is now important to reinforce the importance of reporting hazards in the workplace.
If you are using the Case Study, please review information regarding Le Del
ock Hotel provided in ‘Additional Resources’.
Create a presentation which you will deliver to the work teams over the coming weeks.
· The presentation will be delivered to groups of 15 people in each session and you will need to conduct separate sessions for the work teams.
· You will conduct all sessions in a board room of the building.
· As stipulated by your Manager, you must provide an instructional presentation which focuses on how to identify hazards in the workplace.
For this activity, you will need to complete the following tasks and address each of the points listed.
Note: You will be required to develop a PowerPoint presentation on Hazard Identification which will be delivered in Part D of this assessment.
Your presentation must include the following as a minimum:
Part A – Preparing a presentation
For this task, you have been provided with the Presentation Plan template below, in which you must address the following:
General information:
· the name and purpose of the presentation
· the learning outcome
· date, time, duration and location of presentation
· characteristics of the target audience (who they are, what their roles are).
Presentation preparation:
· topics to be covered –
eak your presentation into sections
· the strategy to be used to present each topic
· the format which will be used
· the delivery method to be used
· list all materials, resources and presentation aids needed to conduct the sessions.
Additional presentation information:
· outline the communication principles which will be applied when delivering the presentation
· provide an overview of the ethical practices which need to be followed
· list three legislations which need to be considered and the impact they may have on the presentation
· detail the ve
al and non-ve
al techniques you will use to monitor the effectiveness of your delivery and communication with the participants
· list the methods of feedback which will be used to assist in the evaluation and review of the presentation when it has been delivered.
(600 words)
32356/02          E1066 Diploma of Work Health and Safety          XXXXXXXXXXPage 14 of 19
32356/02          E1066 Diploma of Work Health and Safety          XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 19
Presentation plan template
    General information
    Presentation name
    Learning outcomes
    Name of presente
    Date and time of presentation
    Duration of each session
    Characteristics of each target audience
    Presentation preparation details
(to be
oken down into sections)
    Presentation strategy
    Delivery method
    Presentation aids, materials and resources required
    Additional information
    Effective communication principles to be applied:
    Ethical practices which must be incorporated in delivery of presentation:
    Legislation which impacts on the delivery of the presentation:
al and non-ve
al techniques to be used to monitor effectiveness of delivery and communication with participants:
    Methods of feedback for review and evaluation of presentation:
Part B – Communication plan
Using the Presentation communication plan template provided below–, complete each section and detail:
· the personnel who need to be
iefed for each presentation you will be delivering
· how each person will be contributing to the presentation – this includes co-presenters you may use or administration staff who you provide responsibility to for handling all attendee paperwork. What are their roles and responsibilities?
· the information needed to be provided to each person
· detail the methods of communication which will be used to
ief others involved in the presentation
· providing dates for each person and when they are to be notified and
(200 words) Presentation communication plan
    Communication plan
    Personnel to be
    Contribution to presentation (Attendee/co-presenter etc.)
    Role and responsibility within the presentation
Part C – Construct a presentation
For this activity, develop a PowerPoint presentation of 8 to 10 slides on Hazard Identification to be delivered in Part D of this assessment.
· Your presentation must meet the requirements you stipulated in your Presentation plan (Part A).
· You will need to be creative and meet the standard guidelines for developing presentations (such as language, visual aids etc.) which are appropriate for your target groups.
· Your completed presentation will need to be submitted as evidence for this task.
· Ensure your presentation suits the audience you are delivering it to.
Please ensure you have attached your presentation to this assessment when submitting for assessment.
Part D – Delivery
For this activity, based on the plan and PowerPoint you developed previously, you will need to deliver your presentation. You must provide evidence of doing this in the form of a video. You will also need to obtain feedback from the participants.
You are required to complete the following:
· You will need to engage with at least two people when conducting your presentation as evidence that it has been conducted in front of an audience. The ‘audience’ can be friends, family members or work colleagues.
· The presentation will need to be five minutes in length.
· Use the Appendix 1: Observation report checklist (which will also be used by the assessor) when preparing for your meeting to ensure you have met all the necessary criteria.
· As part of the presentation, you will need to provide each participant in the session with the Appendix 2: Feedback form. These forms must be completed and submitted as evidence for this activity. (You must submit at least two completed forms.) You will also need the information from these forms in order to complete your next assessment.
Presentation instructions:
When conducting your presentation, you must:
· provide an introduction and overview of the presentation
· provide the participants with the Feedback forms and explain the need to complete and submit these at the conclusion of the presentation
· use the points detailed on the Observation report checklist and Feedback form to address all the necessary points which will be observed by the assesso
· speak clearly and use language which is suitable and refers to the necessary WHS terminology relevant to Hazard Identification
· conclude the presentation and thank the participants for attending.
When you have finished recording, you will need to upload your file to OpenSpace. If you are not sure how to do this, click on this link.
Note: You must ensure you obtain appropriate approvals to conduct and record a meeting in this setting, so the meeting participants must sign the Appendix 3: Audio/Video recording consent form and you must submit the signed forms as part
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Tp Academic answered on Jun 24 2020
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Health and safety provide the principles of security and safety in the health organization. The health organization follows specific guidelines for the maintenance of the health. However, the following study has been explained with the help of the case study. The further research is focused on the strategies of presentation, format, and methods of delivery of the performance. In this presentation, several sources of data have been used for the making of eth project. Moreover, several principles of communication for the maintenance of communication have been presented in the following assignment. The management of the health organization should use specific ve
al and nonve
al techniques for the improvement of the methods of communication. Moreover, the role, as well as the responsibilities of the staff for the making of the presentation, has been used in this study. The evaluation report of the performance should be presented may give a
ight idea concerning the subject matter of the performance.
Part A
Analysis of the present plan
Attributes of the target audience
The officers should perform the duty as per the guidelines of the work health and safety legislation. In the health organization, there are different kinds of officers. The role, as well as the responsibilities of all the officers, is the same. The safety officer should identify as well as accurately assess the hazard risk. Therefore, the maintenance of eth environment might be appropriate as well as upright.
Senior management:
The senior management of the organization should develop plans and strategies appropriately. Moreover, the top officials prepare specific guidelines for the maintenance of the environment in the health organization.
Managers as well as supervisors
The role of the manager is to make plans for the development of the health organization. On the other hand, the supervisor monitors as well as supervises the activity of the company of health in an appropriate manne
The employees of the health organizations should accurately perform the duty. The workers should maintain the principles as well as guidelines properly.
(Refer to the portfolio template)
Part B
Evaluation of communication plan
(Refer to the template)
Part C
PowerPoint presentation
(Refer to ppt)
Part D: Audio recording
Part E
Summary of an evaluation report
The study is focused on the evaluation report of the PowerPoint presentation. However, the announcement...

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