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Part I: When you read my"My Papa's Waltz," what conclusion did you reach about the "waltz.?" State the reasons you have for your decision, In the subject field of your initial post and your replies,...

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Part I:

When you read my"My Papa's Waltz," what conclusion did you reach about the "waltz.?" State the reasons you have for your decision,

In thesubject fieldof your initial post and your replies, use a word or phrase that summarizes your posting.

Part II:

Read the poem “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath. In addition, read the biography posted in Additional Resources.

Write a paper talking about the biographical elements of the poem. What is the tone or mood of the poem? Plath uses metaphors related to Nazis and Jews? What might be her purpose? Discuss any other metaphors you find interesting. Be sure to use quotes from the text to support your statements. Anything taken from a source must be cited correctly. Include a Works Cited page. We are working in MLA Style so follow guidelines accordingly. This paper should be a minimum of two pages, but can be longer.

If you need help with citations and/or Works Cited page, go to the Owl@ Purdue website. There you will find answers to questions and examples.

Part III: Respond to the following posts in short.

(I’ll post it once you finish the part above)

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Tanmoy answered on Jul 21 2021
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Part 1:
My Papa Waltz
The poem “My Papa Waltz” is written by Theodore Roethke which represents a boundless love of a son for his father, even though the father was aggressive towards his family. The poem shows how the son loved his father and had a strong desire to spent most of the time with him. The father may be a drunkard and is very exhausted. Hence, out of i
itation and frustration he beat his son. Here, the poet also talks about the mother of the son who remains quite as she did not have the audacity to speak and hence wants to stay away as she recognized the frustration of his husband was due to poverty and hard life, yet the eternal bonding between the father and the son still remained intact. Although the father gets frustrated and hits or slaps his son every night back from his work, still the son clings to him for the want of love and affection. The poet in this poem uses some beautiful connotation like the word ‘dance’ which signifies the enjoyment and happiness the son shows towards his father. While the word ‘buckle’ depicts the slap or violence that the father demonstrate towards his son. The poet used some remarkable metaphors like ‘Still clinging to your shirt’, ‘my ear scraped a buckle’ and ‘but I hang on like death’ simply signifies how the boy clings and stayed with his frustrated father. The poem consists of four stanzas and each stanza has four lines. The scheme of the rhyme in the entire...

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