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Part I: Our final paper assignment will be a Compare/Contrast paper. We will look at the two poems, “The Pennycandystore Beyond the El,” and “Oranges”(see the attachments) below and discuss the two...

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Part I:

Our final paper assignment will be a Compare/Contrast paper. We will look at the two poems, “The Pennycandystore Beyond the El,” and “Oranges”(see the attachments) below and discuss the two ways they are similar and two ways they are different. This can be about the format of the poem, the style, the tone, the emotions, the devices being used or the content. Follow the pattern I have created below for an easy way to organize your essay.

This should take you from 3-5 pages. There must be a thesis statement in the first paragraph. All body paragraphs should have topic sentences and stick to one idea. Your paragraphs should be well-developed and provide evidence from the text. Develop your ideas. Give your essay a title.

Format for Compare/Contrast Essay

· Introductory Paragraph: Introduce your essay. Make sure you mention the names of both poems and their authors.

Have a thesis statement that clearly mentions what you find similar in the two poems and what you find different. Be specific

· Body Paragraph 1: Give examples of one way the poems are similar. Use evidence from the texts to support your claims.

· Body Paragraph 2: Discuss another way the poems are similar.

· Transition: At the end of Body paragraph 2 make sure to mention that you are now going to talk about the differences.

· Body Paragraph 3: Discuss the first difference

· Body Paragraph 4: Discuss the second difference

· Conclusion: Restate your thesis and make some closing remarks

All paragraphs must be a minimum of 5 sentences and stick to one topic.

Part II:

Go back and look at Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare. To whom do you think the speaker is speaking? (his audience) and what is he trying to say. Try to figure out what thethisis in the last line. Discuss.

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Last Name:    1
Last Name:    6
Title: Compare and Contrast Poems
Part 1    2
Introduction    2
Thesis Statement    3
Understanding the differences    3
Comparing the poems    3
Contrasting the Poems    5
Conclusion    5
Part 2    6
Works Cited    7
Part 1
    Poetry has always been induced with the invigorated fervour that finds its shape in the i
evocably captivating spirit. This assignment tends to focus two poems which is of varied facets but still bears some resemblance in them. The first poem goes by the name of The Pennycandystore beyond the El by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Gary Soto calls the second poem Oranges. While Ferlinghettii have been exposed to the beat generation and have infused its essence in his poetry. Gary Soto on the other hand, appears to be completely different born at the time when the beat generation had already taken shape. Therefore, the spontaneous overflow pertaining to the powerful emotions have been formulated by them in a different manner but still bears some resemblance to it.
Thesis Statement
    Both of the poems bear some resemblance in their themes pertaining to the youth as both of them sheds light on the young boys. However, the difference lies in thematic bearings of the theme relating to the poverty and kindness. Since Gary Soto explores the incongruity resulting out of the susceptibility concerning aspects of being completely devoid of wealth. On the contrary, The Pennycandystore beyond the El does not explore that though it sheds light on the youth.
Understanding the differences
    The Pennycandystore beyond the El shows the aspect of candystores encapsulated by young customers, and how there is a declaration that the poet was all in splendour in joy. Whereas in Oranges the poet talks about the boy who ca
ies a nickel in his pocket along with two oranges since he is bereft of any kind of wealth (Gale). This primarily
ings us to the material existence of the youthfulness. The utilitarian ethos appears rational and pertinent to the children who are endowed with wealth. On the other hand, the kids who are wretched and undergo the penury is tends to find joy in little things of the universe. Therefore, the very material longing for something and growing in such an ambience defines the existence. Even if they are kids even then.
Comparing the poems
    The similarity concerning the two poems
ings to our mind the euphoria and inquisitiveness that thrives defining...

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