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Part I:After watching the video below, provide your comments about what your learned. this video, i learned...

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Part I:After watching the video below, provide your comments about what your learned. this video, i learned that bits control the internet and control computers. Everything within a computer is made off of millions of tiny bits. Coding is controlled as well by these bits. Many bits make up a byte.
PartII:Review any link below and provide your comments
PartIII:After watching the video below, provide your overview of that simulation using terminology from the textbook.(text link:
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Preeti answered on Jun 15 2020
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Discussion Question
Part I
The media story fostered discussion on telecommunications, internet and wireless technology. These three aspects gave rise to digital communication and transformed the manner of communication significantly. Any texts, videos and audio captured by computer is immediately converted into binary form with the help of bits and transfe
ed to digital medium and devices. The speed of sending digital signal from sender to receiver computer is highly fast and takes place within few minutes. Telephone lines and cable lines are receiving analog signals, and, with passage of time, there is evolution of Wi-Fi or wireless communication technology which does not require any cable lines for transmitting signals. In this way, media article is all about signals sent from sender to receiver in different manner and interpreted accordingly (Ince, 2011).
Part II
The article provides insight regarding information regarding malware and its implication on computer system. It is learnt that malware attacks smartphone and emails get impacted heavily on account of malware. It is worth mentioning that youth, children and professionals are connected to the...

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