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Paper You are tasked to pick and research one of the following listed topics, If you wish to research something else please let me know via email and I will approve it, the below are generic...

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You are tasked to pick and research one of the following listed topics, If you wish to research something else please let me know via email and I will approve it, the below are generic security topics you need to do a literature review for the subject that you pick and do further research and see what are some issues, challenges enhancements and new ideas that you can draw from your research what do you think is best? What you really want to get to is the part about recommendations and conclusions. You are doing research to come up with your suggestions and recommendation. Remember to do your research and think about what you find. Your conclusions should be based on a careful look at the evidence. You should cite your sources in any way.
Wireless Security (Topic)
Submissions requirements:
· Between 6 and 8 Pages not to exceed 8 pages exclude reference page (**Just 6 pages plus reference)
· No cover page please
· Single spaced 12 font
· Any Citation formats you choose
· Due date is March 17, 2023, 12pm.
Grading Ru
    Possible Points
    Earned Points
    Organization, Format and Gramma
    Use section headers, page numbers, single spaced, proper grammar, topic sentences for each paragraph, build out each paragraph with details that support each topic sentence, etc. TIP: Find another paper that conducts a literature review and model after this paper.
    Introduction has two purposes: 1) get the reader’s attention and 2) introduce what you will cover in the paper. Be creative! You will lose points if you do not address both pieces. Creativity is rewarded!
    Literature Review
    Be creative in how you present your literature review (Figure, diagram, table, etc..).
    3 recommendations which flow from your review of topic’s literature. Be sure the recommendations are based upon your analysis. Recommendations must be actionable.
    Specific conclusions you draw from your paper. What does all this mean?
    1 point for each reference up to 20 references.
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Shubham answered on Mar 16 2023
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Wireless security is the measures that is taken to protect wireless networks from unauthorized access and other security threats. With the proliferation of wireless networks in homes, businesses, and public places, it has become increasingly important to secure these networks against potential attackers. Wireless security can include measures such as encryption, password protection, and access control to ensure that only authorized users are able to access the network. Encryption involves encoding the data transmitted over the wireless network so that it cannot be intercepted or read by unauthorized users. Password protection involves requiring a password to access the wireless network, and access control involves using a list of authorized users or devices that are allowed to connect to the network. The paper includes the literature review on wireless security that includes the requirement of using wireless security for monitoring the network for suspicious activity and regularly updating security software and firmware to address new security threats. The paper addresses the security requirements that are critical to protecting sensitive data, maintaining privacy, and preventing unauthorized access to wireless networks.
Literature Review
What is wireless security
Wireless security is the practice of protecting wireless networks and their associated devices from unauthorized access and security threats. This includes implementing measures such as encryption, password protection, and access control to ensure that only authorized users can access the network. Wireless security is crucial in preventing data
eaches, maintaining privacy, and safeguarding against cyberattacks (Nazir et al. 2021). Wireless security is a set of techniques and technologies that protect wireless networks and devices from various security threats. Wireless networks are vulnerable to security risks such as eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, and unauthorized access. Wireless security measures are necessary to safeguard against these risks.
Security Threats to Wireless Networks
Wireless networks are vulnerable to various security threats that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of network resources. Eavesdropping is a security threat where attackers listen to wireless network traffic to intercept sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential data. Attackers can use tools like packet sniffers to intercept wireless network traffic. Man-in-the-middle attacks is type of attack, an attacker intercepts wireless network traffic between two devices to steal sensitive information or modify data (Wang et al. 2019). The attacker may impersonate one of the devices and intercept the communication.
Rogue access points are considered as unauthorized access point and it is used for setting capturing the wireless network traffic. Rogue access points can also be used to launch other types of attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks. Denial-of-service attacks includes designs for disrupting the wireless network operations that may flood the network on the traffic and this is caused because of overloading network resources. This can cause the network to become unavailable, preventing legitimate users from accessing network resources. Malware attacks are designed to infect wireless network devices with malicious software that can...

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