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Our topic isUrbanHealth promotionCardiovascular disease

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an Health promoting Cardiovascular disease
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Cardiovascular Diseases(CVD)
CVD is generic term used to refer conditions that affect heart or blood vessels.
Possible Reason?
These are generally caused by fatty deposits on the inner walls of arteries which directly increases risk of blood clots (Cardiovascular disease, 2018)
Critical ?
It leads to one of the most critical problems since the association is directly with important organs of body i.e.
ain, heart, kidney and eye.
CVD is one of the rising problems that is caused by poor lifestyle of people. It leads to death or disability depending upon the severity.
Cardiovascular Diseases(CVD)
Percentages of Individuals Living in U
an Settings in 1970 & 2025
Sources: Slaybaughstudios
Cardiovascular Diseases(CVD)
The number of people which die every year from CVDs are 17.7 million, this estimate to 31% of overall worldwide deaths.
More than 75 percent of CVD deaths occurs in low and middle income countries.
Heart attacks and strokes are major reasons for CVD deaths that accounts up to 80 percent.
(Cardiovascular diseases, WHO, 2018).
Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). (2018). World Health Organization. Retrieved 20 March 2018, from http:
an Lifestyle
The u
an population has been on a rise from past few decades, it is expected that 70% of world population will start residing in cities.
The polluted environment and changing u
an lifestyle has increased risk for the health of individuals. (U
anization and lifestyle changes, 2018).
Key Reasons
Sedentary Lifestyle
Less Physical Activity
Poor Air Quality
Consumption of foods with less nutritional value
anization and lifestyle changes. (2018). Air Liquide. Retrieved 20 March 2018, from https:
elation between the two
The changing lifestyle has been directly impacting the health of people living in u
an areas.
People give more focus to their work and less to their health
Not everyone health is affected by changed lifestyle, there might be dependency on family background, ethnicity and other demographic details of person.
But changing u
an health of people has definitely lead to high number of cases of CVD.
CVD review at different areas
In the latest survey done in u
an Indian population, high...

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