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No references needed. This assignment is actually a video presentation. Just give me the assignment in a essay form. i will make a video presentation from that. Thanks

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No references needed. This assignment is actually a video presentation. Just give me the assignment in a essay form. i will make a video presentation from that. Thanks
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Running Head: Management People and Teams
Management People and Teams
Table of Contents
Introduction    2
Develop and justify a model of management cognisant of the organisational minutiae to guide future practice.    5
Conclusion    5
Authoritative people are the one who will be responsible for managing authority over every aspect of the workplace. Workplace managers are concern about leading teams and people about assigning their respective job roles and responsibilities to motivate, encourage, and inspire innovation within a workplace with all dedication and hard work. This present study aims to provide a wider concept on management people and teams on communication, practical problem-solving skills, and managers’ performance as per organisational contexts, and the functions of workplace managers how they address in the changing environment.
Demonstrate effective communication and practical problem-solving skills to effectively manage people in a range of organizational contexts
Organizational communication is nothing but an important aspect that must reflect the green light when leading people to a variety of organizational settings. Precisely, organizational communication is a crucial process by which corporate individuals stimulate the meaning and its aftereffects in the mind of other individuals through ve
al and nonve
al message (Silberman & Biech, 2015). Similarly, the problem-solving skills also play crucial roles to manage people in organizational contexts.
Communication skills
Mostly, there are four types of communication can be seen at an organizational level, downward communication is all about communication characteristics flows from the top level management to lower level management (employees). It is a type of authoritative style of management. Upward communication aims to provide communication characteristics that flow from lower level management to top level management. As expressed by (Katzenbach & Smith, 2015) the prime aim of the communication task is to inform the top management situation on the lower levels. It is the foremost way for top management to assess organizational communication in general. Horizontal communication flows between departments and employees on the same organizational level by enabling integration and coordination of departmental activities. Precisely, this kind of communication level mostly engaged in independent tasks. Lastly, the diagonal communication is nothing but another active communication level not on the same organizational level but flows between organizational individuals. In this particular case of the communication level, the communication flow not conducted by a direct relationship within the organizational hierarchy. During this communication level, first line and middle-level managers are avoided while performing the communication flow.
Similarly in the case of problem-solving skills, according to organizational context, the reflection could be termed as positive. In fact of problem-solving skills, employees, as well as critical organizational employees, are to develop their problem-solving skills to achieve the real success, and it is quite essential (Salas et al. 2015). Goals are to set at the beginning, and it is believed that successful organizations have been following the same. As per the...

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