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Network Architecture XXXXXXXXXXGroup Project: Network Analysis, Architecture and Design Due Date: 5.00pm, Friday, Week 13 Project Report 40%Purpose: The purpose of this project is for you to architect...

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Network Architecture XXXXXXXXXXGroup Project: Network Analysis, Architecture and Design Due Date: 5.00pm, Friday, Week 13 Project Report 40%Purpose: The purpose of this project is for you to architect a real-world networking system from requirement analysis to final designScenario: In May 2013, the Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Maths was relocated to Buildings 3, 6 and 7. Details of the relocation are as follows:Group XXXXXXXXXXTo Building IT & Engineering Staff 6 Engineering Labs XXXXXXXXXXIT Labs XXXXXXXXXXEngineering Labs XXXXXXXXXXMaths & Stats Staff XXXXXXXXXXEducation Staff XXXXXXXXXXScience Staff XXXXXXXXXXno change) Science Labs XXXXXXXXXXno change) Forensic Staff XXXXXXXXXXForensic Labs XXXXXXXXXX7Further details of staff and other information available from faculty website.Task: Architect a network for the Faculty of ESTeM connecting Buildings 3, 6 and 7.Deliverables: 1. Requirements Analysis - Requirements Specification and Requirement Map 2. Flow Analysis - Flow Map 3. Recommendations for Addressing and Routing Strategies 4. Recommendations for Network Management Mechanism 5. Recommendations for Performance Mechanisms 6. Recommendations for Security and Privacy Mechanisms 7. The Final Design and Network Layout
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Performance criteria discussed in this report include several points including Quality of service supply control i.e priority basis, traffic management basis, scheduling basis, and queuing basis. Agreements like service level i.e (SLAs), and their policies. Few components of the operations are utilized for providing single-tier as well as multiple-tier performance in the organized network. The mechanism defined above provide the identification to traffic which was flowing finding the temporal characteristics and take actions for improving the performance for different ,different flows inside the network .it measures all perspective in order to give a 100 percent output or to complete the task for giving the satisfiable output.
Quality of Service:
Quality of service is basically used for finding the action and setting the network on priority levels for the traffic flows. It is basically linked with IP address but it is used in this report to understand a class of mechanisms that are used at multiple layers in the network for stipulation and apply priority levels. This includes IP quality of service including multiprotocol label switching type of services , ATM class of services and frame relay committed information rate services .In this section, here we are focussing on IP QoS. Two services of QOS that are connected with IP addresses are considered as differentiated service and the other one is considered as integrated service in order to support these two views of network framework.
Prioritization, Traffic Management, Scheduling, and Queuing
The prioritization can be defined as the process of looking for applications, users, network flows as well as connections where maximum level of service is required. It is necessary for the existing competition between traffic inside the network resources. For a limited amount of resources provided in the network prioritization helps us to determine who get the resource first and for what time it will be allocated.
The traffic management mainly consist the control for in and out condition for controlling the traffic. This can be described as art to deny access to network assets. Diverting network traffic is the component of systems that change contingent upon the addition and decrease the execution to traffic flow in order to schedule.
Network planning is the operation which identifies the prioritization that figures out which of the system will be entered to the network administrations it is fairly utilized when there is a high activity condition in the system and we have to design the procedure synchronized consequently it will be a smooth procedure for the network traffic to control the surge on any system thus expanding the nature of service.
Service Level Agreement:
The service level agreement is the signed contract in between a provider as well as a customer that characterize the terms of the supplier's obligation to the customer and the type and level of answerability if the duties are not accordingly.
There are basically two ways to apply Service level agreements within a network.
· It is the agreement between network administrator and the users.
· This agreement is used to define the service levels that are necessary from third-party service providers (e.g., cable plant providers, various service providers) for the network.SLA performance is based on elements which are as simple as simple data rate
SLA for UC network
Customers want to have their answers quickly, here are some of the features defined for SLA for a UC network to be considered
· Voice Calls: the default voice call is SLA 80-20 means 80 calls are answered in 20 seconds
· E-mails and Faxing: typically SLA takes 2 to 5 minutes for responding to any mail
· Video chat/calls: Typical SLA 5-15 seconds time taken for this
· Web Chat, Texting: Similar to video, the expectation for a Web chat is instantaneous
· Social Media: it typically falls on the length of any typical call of SLA
These points discussed above are very useful in getting the good throughput for the network design in order to serve better in the organization
.Security and Privacy Mechanisms
The confidentiality as well as the security of customer, devices, software, and system assets and information are progressively step by step in many areas of networking framework and the design. Security is the element which is accessible inside all the areas of the system and it likewise influences different capacities on the networking framework. For the best possible operation of security inside a system, it is vital that the connections between the security design, security mechanism, and other part architectures, be well infe
There are...

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