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Topic : Watch “China’s modern sexism” on LMS under this topic. With support from the literature, critically examine the mixed effects for women brought about by the expansion of the consumer market in...

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Topic : Watch “China’s modern sexism” on LMS under this topic. With support from the literature, critically examine the mixed effects for women
ought about by the expansion of the consumer market in China under the economic reforms of recent decades.
About Slides:
Structure for all oral powerpoint presentations: (don’t forget to reference any visuals!).
Slide 1: Acknowledgement to country (slide available on web)
Slide 2: Include your name / student # on slide
· Appropriate title that clearly explains topic focus (do not repeat the question!)
· orally explain why the topic is of interest to you
Slide 3: introduction--a dot point outline of presentation
· theoretical focus—explain orally
· then 3 dot points (only) that will be discussed and why they are important for the topic question
Slide 4: Thesis statement that provokes audience interest
· then list your key terms / concepts used and orally explain their meaning
Slides 5-7
· Identify each of your allocated points from slide 3 (one point per slide) and orally enlarge upon it (remember to “say a lot about a little”)
Slide 8
· Dot point conclusion and ONE provocative question for audience discussion
Slide 9
· Reference list
Structure of critical reflection essay: (Use the same title as that used in the presentation )
Word limit is =750words
· Aims / objectives of the research project;
ief explanation of the topic’s focus and reasons for selected theoretical focus;
· Summarise which elements contributed to the strengths of your presentation and overall; discussion / argument—how and to what extent (should include reference to peer feedback);
· Summarise which elements contributed to the limitations of your presentation and discussion / argument—how and to what extent (should include reference to peer feedback);
· Why was this project important to you and what have you learned from it?
· What would you change if you had to apply the research to a potential project in the future?
· Reference list (not included in the word count; minimum of 3 required / additional readings; minimum of 3 sources related to your own research).
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Nishtha answered on Aug 20 2021
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Running Head: CRITICAL REVIEW                            1
Table of Contents
Title:    3
Aim:    3
Focus:    3
Strength:    4
Limitations:    4
Learning:    5
Change:    5
References:    6
Title: Critical Review of Truth behind China’s Cosmetic Plastic Industry
The main objective of the project was to investigate about the truth behind China’s cosmetic plastic industry. What is shocking for me to know that this advance country is the full of modern sexism? The predefined gender roles, the importance of physical appearance and gender inequality in workplace are still prevalent.
I am shocked to know that China is one of the most developed and advanced nations in the world. Nevertheless, girls are still judge by their looks in almost all sectors in the economy.
I have chosen this topic as china is famous as a manufacturer of the technical products and it exports those products and gadgets all across the world. There is no doubt that the condition of the women, somehow, improves from the past situation; nevertheless, it is also taking new roles in the form of modern sexism and it has been na
owed down.
My presentation wants to highlight that in the 1960, women get fair chance and many opportunities to show their talent and come out from their houses. As mentioned by Meng and Zhao (2016), the abolishment of land reforms and many other social evil practices like dowry, child ma
iage and laws related to domestic abuse empowered women and their conditions.
My presentation wants to describe that how Chinese people take looks of the girl so seriously. It is not an established fact in China that attractive people find it easier to get promotions, crack an interview with the same knowledge as an average looking person and get away with things easily. However, it gets mandatory for a Chinese girl to get ideal beauty standards. The culture of plastic surgery and surgeries are rising with the passing years. Women get more and more conscious about the way they look instead of their accomplishments and achievements towards society. A little example of leg...

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