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Need to under word limit and needs to be excellent because this assignment is of high weightage,,

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Need to under word limit and needs to be excellent because this assignment is of high weightage,,
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Sunabh answered on Jun 06 2021
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Running Head: HEALTHCARE        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Conceptualising Mental Health and Mental Health Issues    3
Key Cognitive and Physical Changes due Mental Issues    4
Stressors Impacting Lifespan Development in Middle and Older Adulthood    5
Notion of Successful Ageing of Older Population    7
Conclusion    9
References    10
    Mental health is one of the most neglected aspect of society. Umpteen number of factors could be presented in order to justify the prior presented statement such as, lack of awareness, social stigma, considering mental illness as taboo and much more. It would be essential to consider that with the increase in modernisation and busy lifestyle, number of stressors have also increased affecting the mental health of middle and older adults.
Therefore, this essay would focus upon the mental health issues faced by middle and older age adults. Likewise, efforts would be made to inculcate the various life-span theories discussed in class in order to identify the key physical and cognitive changes. Further, evidences from classroom discussions would be used to present various stressors, which might affect the lifespan development of the target age group.
Conceptualising Mental Health and Mental Health Issues
    According to World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health is the state of well-being where the individual realises or are well aware of their own abilities, can cope up with their normal life stresses, can work fruitfully and productively; therefore, would be able to give it back to the community. In other words, mental health of an individual refers to behavioural, cognitive and emotional wellbeing. Further, mental health is all about the thinking, behaving and feeling in a positive manner without having any negative thoughts.
Mental health can affect relationships, daily life activities, physical health and many other lifestyle activities. Popular theories of lifespan development such as ‘Psychosocial Theory of Development’ by Erickson, ‘Cognitive Theory of Development’ by Piaget and much more also consider mental health as one of the essential aspects for cognitive development.
    Mental illness or mental disorders could be considered as range of mental health conditions. These include disorders or diseases, which might affect the mood, thought process, behaviour and much more. Common mental issues include depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, addiction, eating disorders and much more. Eaton and Fallin (2019) suggested that many individuals suffer or are prone to suffer from mental health issues time to time; however, a mental health concern might become disorder or illness under continuous persistence of those symptoms.
Key Cognitive and Physical Changes due Mental Issues
    As presented above also, individuals suffering from mental illness or issues might not be aware of it and this is majorly because these signs and symptoms are considered as a common factor in the society. There are numerous cognitive changes, which could be observed from an individual suffering from mental health concern. Feeling sad or down is one of the most common symptom, which could advocate the presence of mental issue or disorder. However, it would be essential to consider that feeling sad or down alone does not indicate mental issue rather, persistence sadness or depressive behaviour reflects presence of mental illness.
    Further, Lubans et al. (2016) suggested that confused thinking, inability to concentrate or focus upon specific task is another major cognitive change observed among individuals suffering from mental illness. It was evident from the neurobiological mechanisms studies in the research where individuals suffering from mental issues reflected changes in their activation patterns, which affected the ability to concentrate or focus. Likewise, psychosocial mechanism reflected that individual suffering from mental issues i
espective of its type, reflected indicators of low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
Accordingly, Lubans et al. (2016) also presented those specific physical self-perceptions such could be associated with decreased self-esteem, which also affects the physical functioning or physical aspects. Jean Piaget presented through the ‘cognitive theory of development’ that during childhood only, children develop schemata, which helps them to understand the world during their developmental stages. Assimilation and accommodation were the two processes proposed by Piaget, which a child uses in order to gather, categorise and interpret information; however, due to mental issue or disorders these processes are negatively affected; thus leading to...

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