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need to show work thanks can I get the same person again thanks

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need to show work thanks can I get the same person again thanks
Answered Same Day Jun 20, 2021


Rajeswari answered on Jun 20 2021
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60832 Assignment
1) Equate f(x) to 0 to find real zeroes
i) x=0 is a zero of this function with multiplicity 3.
ii) X intercepts are (0,0)
iii) It crosses x axis since multiplicity 3 is an odd numbe
iv) Sketch of graph is given below
Solving we have x =0,0 and 3/2
i) Real zeroes are 0 with multiplicity 2 and 3/2 with multiplicity 1.
ii) X intercepts are (0,0) and (3/2,0)
iii) It crosses x axis at x=3/2 but touches x axis at x=0
iv) Sketch is given below
Transformations required
Given graph is a parabola with vertex (0,0) and axis of symmetry y axis passing through (1,1)
So equation of parabola would be
The resulting graph is open down with vertex at (-3,0)
There is no difference in size between the two.
Hence the transformations are
i) Reflection on x axis with result
ii) Next is horizontal shift to left by 3 units with result
The above two are...

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