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Assignment Title – Report Writing This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements: CLR 1 - Plan, write, revise, and edit short documents and messages that are organized,...

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Assignment Title – Report Writing
This assignment relates to the following Course Learning Requirements:
CLR 1 - Plan, write, revise, and edit short documents and messages that are organized, complete, and tailored to specific audiences.
CLR 3 - Interpret and reframe information gained from spoken messages in ways that show accurate analysis and comprehension.
CLR 4 - Use effective reading strategies to collect and reframe information from a variety of written materials accurately.
CLR 5 - Locate, select, and organize relevant and accurate information drawn from a variety of sources appropriate to the task
7.) Select and use common, basic, information technology tools to support communication.

Objective of this Assignment:
To demonstrate student ability to write a properly structured and formatted general occu
ence report na
ative using proper chronology, content, punctuation, spelling, and grammatically co
ect content.
Pre-Assignment Instructions:
To prepare you for this assignment, read modules 5-6 and complete the embedded learning activities.
Assignment Task:
Using the following scenario, create a general occu
ence report na
ative page using the samples and examples provided in the module content for guidance on structure and view ability. Content of occu
ence report should reflect the information provided in the scenario.
You are on duty at 2130 on 24 June of last year when you are dispatched to respond to a
eak-and-enter call at an abandoned warehouse at 4 Culver Road, Pickering, ON. You are 10-7 at XXXXXXXXXXSince the warehouse is in an industrial part of the city, you request backup. PC Amy Zhang #2587 is 10-7 on scene at XXXXXXXXXXYou enter the building together.
After a thorough search of the building, you find nothing out of place, except that a door on the east side of the building is unlocked and open. Since there is a strong wind that night, it is possible that the wind blew open the door. PC Zhang returns to her patrol area, and you begin to write a
ief report in your cruiser.
As you complete your report, you see a man come from around the corner of the building. He approaches your vehicle. He identifies himself as a security guard with Reliable Security Service, and he is wearing the appropriate uniform. He asks you if anything is wrong. Ou ask for his information:
Drew Simms 10-60
76 Preston Ave., Pickering, ON L2A 5G6
No home phone
DOB 1 Fe
uary 1986
Employed with Reliable Security Services since 2010
Simms tells you he has had a quiet shift with no incidents. He says he didn’t call in the
eak and enter. He tells you the east side door constantly blows open. He then tells you he had noted a strong smell of gasoline along the south wall of the building. He also noted a lighter and some gas rags there.
He goes on to tell you he overheard the owner of the building, Cameron Nolan, telling someone that he wished the building would just go up in flames, as he was having trouble renting it out and it was “bleeding him dry”. Simms gives you Nolan’s particulars:
Home address:    1 Day Crescent, Pickering, ON L2A 5R5
Home phone:         XXXXXXXXXX
Business phone:     XXXXXXXXXX
General occu
ence report # XXXXXXXXXX
Assignment Grading Ru
ic (25%)
    Exceeds Requirements XXXXXXXXXX%
    Meets requirements
    Does not meet Requirements
    Content and Organization
    Content is comprehensive and clear.
Major points are clear, explained in detail, and supported with examples, including course concepts
    Content is organized, focused, and accurate
Some support with examples
Outlines the major points related to the topic; ideas are logically a
anged to present a sound pape
    Content is poorly focused/incomplete
Needs significant reorganization
    Assignment Knowledge and Skills Demonstration
    Clear, concise synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic
All ideas are clearly developed, organized logically, and connected with effective transitions
All relevant course and topic links are made
    Evidence of some synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic
Some unified and coherent ideas are developed with effective transitions
Most relevant course and topic links are made
    Lack of evidence or weakness in the synthesis of course content to demonstrate understanding of topic
Develops and organizes ideas that are not necessarily connected. Some ideas seem illogical and/or unrelated
Some or no relevant course and topic links are made
    Style and Format
    Assignment tasks and documents directly addresses main question or issue, and adds new insight to the subject not provided in lessons or text materials
No e
ors in spelling and gramma
All guidelines have been followed
    The tasks and documents have all inclusions addressed, yet there may not be new insight added to the subject
Documents/tasks are interesting and meet the minimum standards
ors in spelling and grammar are minimal
Most format guidelines have been followed
    The tasks and documents do not address the required questions or issues.
No evidence that student has retained information from the relevant modules.
ors in spelling and grammar make the content difficult to follow
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Abhishek answered on Jun 23 2021
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General Occu
ence Report on Incident of Break in Abandoned Warehouse at 4 Culver Road, Pickering, ON    
I was on patrolling duty on 24th June 2019 at 21.30. Suddenly I was dispatched to respond to a
eak at an abandoned warehouse. The instruction that was commanded to me was an incident of
eak occu
ed in an abandoned warehouse. One thing that I felt quite relieving was as the warehouse was abandoned so there was no probability of any injury or stealing.
However, I have mainly dispatched the task to visit that warehouse and initiate an investigation to discover the main intention of
eak that warehouse and if any such incident truly happened then book the offenders who committed that crime. The address that was provided to me was 4 Culver Road, Pickering, ON. As I received information about the address of the warehouse I immediately understood that it was an industrial area.
However, as in any investigation, the second backup is required I also request a backup. Backup is the accompaniment of another official towards the investigation sight (D’Souza, Weitzer & Brunson, 2019). As it was an industrial site location PCAmy Zhang #was allotted the duty as the backup official for me, who would accompany me at the investigation sight that is the abandoned warehouse where the incident of
eak happened. PCAmy Zhang #2587 came on the scene that is in front of the building at 21.37.
After we together entered the abandoned warehouse at the location of 4 Culver Road, Pickering, ON. Besides, since the report of the complaint was about the
eak, therefore, we had to take additional preventative measures, as there remained a possibility that the perpetrators could hide at that warehouse for executing their deeds. Thus, to avoid us they might wage an attack on us. For that reason, we had to adopt additional prevention by alerting ourselves with our machine weapons (Lin, Chen & Yu, 2017).
As the warehouse was quite spacious we had to execute a...

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