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Need assessment item 3 only but we need to make according to assessment 4

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Need assessment item 3 only but we need to make according to assessment 4
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Abr Writing answered on Apr 29 2020
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Cisco Packet Trace
The Cisco Packet Tracer is the visual simulation software that have been developed by Cisco System in order to simulate network topologies and modern network equipment. The software allows us to simulate the configuration of Cisco based routers and switches using GUI and Command line-based interface. The drag and drop feature allows the users to easily setup the network in no time and add or remove devices per their own requirements.
Network Setup
The assessment 4 is needed to be simulated using the Cisco Packet Tracer, the tool as discussed in above section provides the various devices required in order to simulate the system. The Router along with the client and server are being provided by the packet tracer. This way we can simulate the entire network before actual physical implementation hence leading to better network management and layout along with cost effective for the network administrators.
The Server installation and actual implementation could be termed as limitation to the actual environment, the issues in implementing the entire network could also come in picture later on.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
It is a protocol that enables the network server to assign...

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